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Old 17-05-2007
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Originally Posted by Kopite View Post
how about if you swear on the rostrum, you get sent home there and then? Wouldn't that sort things out straight away?
Nope because most of us swear at certain times, it's human nature.
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Old 18-05-2007
Chris Doughty Chris Doughty is offline
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Originally Posted by millzy View Post
I remember doughty getting told off for swearing/saying somthing under his breath at him self for an error at Aylsburry national.
Yep... I was warned as it was my first offense (on the rostrum anyway)
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Old 18-05-2007
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i cant control my vocal cords while im on the rostrum....

sorry people....least i dnt shout...just talk to myself! lol
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Old 18-05-2007
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Talking about rostrum courtsey, I was in heat 12 with Milzy, his car failed both rounds last Sunday, the first round he slammed/banged his hand on the handrail when his car failed, I know cause I was standing right next to him!!! Dude, I feel 4 ya, your car stopped!!! But did you think of us when you slammed your hand down???
Now before anyone jumps to a conclusion------I am far from from perfect!!! Well ...........you know, but it did get my attention, Milzy.
I have really tried to keep my actions under control (dont laugh) this year.
I only comment so people can have look at themselves!!!!!!!!!!
I did and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I needed much improvement.
It's good to understnd what your fellow racer is going through.
After all, we all want to say we had a good days racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope this helps, it's meant to be a positive on racing, not a nrgative!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 18-05-2007
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I found (at kiddy) that it was people waiting on the steps for the next heat that were more annoying than those on the rostrum with me, I could hear them talking and joking, it was most off putting. I only spoke to acknowledge Stuart when he gave me my stop/go for jumping the start (sorry stuart... (i forgot what number i was.. i must have missed skool the day we were taught to count to ten).

I will put 'quiet please' signs up at Oz ro help remind people to Shut the F up.

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Old 18-05-2007
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somthing from the drunken night time..
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Old 18-05-2007
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whos under the box today then
Mattys the driver,my names carl
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