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Old 04-05-2008
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Wink Smaller Servos with Xray Servo Saver

Ok so this is for all those who have been wanting to use Hitec 65MGs (really want a 5065mg, but they still aren't out yet), in their M18 or T Pros. Currently, only the M18T Pro chassis is drilled for a variety of servos, so for the M18, you will have to make your own mounting system.

This was originally discovered by a member of yourmicro. In his case he used a micro Futaba. This was a bit more complicated in that none of the existing servo heads were small enough to just use without lathing.

  • Cut down a 65 servo arm
  • Stick unto the end of a dremel through its mounting hole. The Drum wheel tool rod works best as its screw is the same size as the hole allowing the arm to spin in the middle of its axis versus offset/wobbling.
  • Using a unused drum or file in your hand while the dremel is on slowly wittle away the circumference until it fits inside the KO (largest) M18 Servo saver retainer.
  • Stick the heavily dremeled servo saver in backwards until its flush and cut off any excess top hanging out.
  • Take out and then mount unto servo.
  • Carefully scrap up the surface of the arm "shim" and the inside of the KO with CA.
  • Quickly insert the shim into the KO making sure it goes flush to the end.
  • Wait a few minutes and pry the servo off. (If you did not get any CA on the inside KO cap, or on the splines, should be straightforward.
  • Walah

To mount in the M18T Pro.

  • Elongate the 65MGs middle holes outward.
  • Mount unto the servo retainers. Keep the inside tight, but the outside loose for the time being.
  • Mount the 65 with the retainers on the inside under shaft (don't forget to cut a bit so it wont hit shaft).
  • Mount the outside in the second set of holes from the outside (versus the normal outside ones).
  • Screw the outside retainer all the way down now.
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