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Old 16-08-2011
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Originally Posted by mikeyscott View Post
Makes the issue worse as it's on min on the can & esc and it over heats?

Going to borrow another motor to eliminate other areas
Just as an update, moved to another 4WD with similar FDRs and runs much better.

Will add that I also tried an Orion VST Pro in the SX3 and it didn't thermal.

I slackened off the belts two notches from SX3 kit settings, but never ran the car to test.
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Old 25-08-2011
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Hey there

I have just received my new Flux 7.5 this morning

Can anyone tell me what the bag of metal spacers (2 x T1.3, 2 x T1.5, 2 x T1.7) which came with the motor are used for ?

Thanks in advance
B-Max 2 MR

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Old 25-08-2011
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They are for shimming the rotor if you want to change the std setting.

Very useful for when/if you want to use the internal fan.

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Old 14-10-2011
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Default pro flux 10.5t

Hi Ben,

Any recommended settings for a 10.5t at Ardent? I'm using a black diamond to its pretty easy to setup up, just need to know what fdr and how much additional esc timing you would normally run.


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