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Old 26-09-2020
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Default Buggy tyres for road?

I have an Associated B4 which I run on my drive, in the street and on the pavement quite a lot. Can anyone suggest a good tyre choice. I've worn through a couple of sets of standard ones pretty quickly. I'm guessing there must be something more suitable and durable available for street use? Thanks
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Old 26-09-2020
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Proline do the road rage tyre but it's pricey!! There's also Schumacher venom but I still think they would wear pretty quickly.

For bashing around at home I'd use something like fastrax arrows or some other cheaper alternative.
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Old 27-09-2020
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Try Schumacher road and track green compound Iíve used them outside on tarmac on my L1 last a lot longer than anything else Iíve tried 👍
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Old 28-09-2020
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For Proline I'd look at the SlideJob and Inversion. Not cheap and for both tires, particularly the inversion, the available compounds are rather soft. Still, the treads have potential, the SlideJob having block-style pins grouped very close together and the Inversion has a low-profile, road tire-esque tread.

JConcepts offer slick-like tires with a slight tread on them: the Octagons. They also have slicks without any tread, as do Sweep tires, but slicks might not handle dust so well, like worn tires

If that doesn't work, maybe stay on the lookout for used tire lots? If I go driving on tarmac I just use up a set (or two) of tires that are worn for track use but still have a little profile left on them...

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