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Old 18-04-2020
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Default Where have the entry buggies gone?


It has been a couple of years since I've been in the hobby and now my youngest son is old enough I wanted to get back into it.

But where have the cheap entry buggies gone?
There used to be Ansmann, then I think Absima and Team C for cheap little buggies to build and bash for around £60 - £100 but now all I can find is cheap RTR or Tamiya buggies as an entry-level basher.
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Old 18-04-2020
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Check out the 6k Racing website they sell PR racing buggies and do an entry level version of their car, although I think it’s around £160. Most entry level people buy the previous gen of a current car. I bought a Cougar KC around the time the Laydown came out. You could probably get a good deal on an RC10 B6.1 was the B6.2 came out a couple months back. The B6.1 is a very highly thought of car and will still be really competitive.
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Old 22-04-2020
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I'd agree it's well worth looking at a used car. I've recently got back into the Hobby after a very long break and I found the best option to get back into things on a budget is the Yokomo YZ-2. The car has been around since 2015 and evolved over the years so a broad choice of versions at a range of costs. Spares support is good across all the versions (unlike many cars of a similar vintage), and there are seemingly infinite ways to swap out/upgrade parts, and adjust to the surface you're running on.

As it happens I will have an original YZ2 up for sale shortly so keep an eye out in the Trade section if you're interested.

Even if I wasn't selling one shortly, I would still recommend taking a look at YZ-2s.
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