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Old 06-11-2018
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Smile Anyone interested in starting up a bashing/crawler group in Bedfordshire?

Have you raced RC cars all your life and lost the passion or fed up of going around and around on carpet and want to get back to what drew you into RC in the first place?

Looking to see if there are like minded RC fans who just want to have a bit of fun, be it large scale, rock crawlers etc. This would not be a club that charges you race fees. It would just be a group of like-minded individuals who want to have a bit of fun with the hobby they love.

If there is interest, we'd look at finding locations that we could meet up and go bashing, crawling and just getting back to basics – if a pub was nearby for after, all the better.

Remember those good old days when you had a Tamiya Sand Scorcher or Rough Rider? Those were the days when we didn't spend hours and £££'s trying to get an extra 0.1 sec off a lap time on carpet, only to have someone chunk one of your tyres on the next lap!! Time to get back to those days when you got some friends together, set up some jumps and had fun. You enjoyed getting your pride and joy covered in mud because that what RC buggies was all about.

Don't get me wrong, I've loved racing Buggies, Touring Cars and GT12 but the fun has long gone from the hobby thanks to technology taking over.

Let's get back to basics and enjoy RC the way it used to be.

So the idea would be to get enough interested bods that we could have regular meet ups, thrash our RC buggies, trucks and crawlers and enjoy the outdoors. When was the last time you took your RC vehicle through a forest, across some sand dunes or raced the incoming tide at the beach.

So are you up for it, anyone interested? Let's see if we can get something happening and we'd even welcome drone flyers who fancy filming the crazy fun too
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Old 30-08-2019
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Interesting post and I kinda know what your saying about in the clubs everyone trying to get that 1 second quicker lap etc, and i find you get the odd person who takes everything too seriously and makes you feel like your in the way, shame you don't live in Devon as I've recently bought 2 crawlers and meet up on a regular basis with 10 to 30 people and go crawling in the woods, it's such good fun and you feel so relaxed as there's no competitiveness, we all just have fun and follow the leader, hope you get a few together and enjoy yourselves,
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