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Old 08-06-2018
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Default Over Body Chassis Protection

Ran a mates PR Short Course at Swindon last weekend and hit a problem
The sand/grit/dirt found its way onto the spur and pinion and has distroyed it

So Looking for ideas an over chassis type body/shell to protect the spurgear n pinion from eating itself

Is there such a thing or do people just just a Buggy shell and adapt it to fit ?
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Old 09-06-2018
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Well, the first step would be to use a steel pinion. Aluminium (or Duraluminum) is rather soft and not hard wearing at all. The anodizing (which is hard) is merely a thin layer, so is no match for sand.

At the same time, do keep the plastic (probably Nylon) spur gear. Contrary to aluminium, Nylon is actually really hard-wearing. Also it is soft enough to sort of 'absorb' particles so it actually doesn't grind the steel pinion as much as it would when the spur gear was of a harder material.

Lastly, there might indeed be underbodies. If there are none, reducing the amount of dirt that hits the gears could help enough for a long-lasting spur and pinion For example: you could make a protective flap that prevents dirt from entering in direction of the wheels or the body. An old wing or a PET drink bottle is the perfect material. Just keep in mind that it is open enough so that dirt doesn't pile up there

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Old 09-06-2018
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I run the TLR truck and haven’t had any issues (I think we spoke about this topic on Sunday in the morning?)

We run a buggy Shell that we trim to fit the sct - it doesn’t reach right to the end but it helps prevent large amounts of sand getting near to the spur and pinion. Most PR guys run either a clear buggy Shell or a bag type cover which are quite expensive.

Look up penguin bodyshells on eBay - he sells shells quite cheaply if you just want one as an under shell
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Old 03-11-2018
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You could try an Outerwares style cover?
I have a 22 4.0 and I've never had any problems with this.
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