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Old 07-07-2019
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Default 2wd round 4 booking in

Booking in is open for round 4 of our 2wd series which is being held at BMR on July 21st

Current rides:

Team Associated B6.1

Kyosho RZ7

Kyosho ZX7

All kept going by PBM Racing
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Old 16-07-2019
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Here's your driver's list so far as of 11:17am Tuesday 16th July 2019


Martin Shelton
Craig Gibson
Neil Woodhead
Ben Smith
Charles Krontiris
Miklos Szabados
Dave Dodd
Paul Mason
Ian Hawkins
Luke Eyre
Olly Vaux
John Langley
Lee Romang
Ian Ward
Alexander Bold
Lee Hankins
Greg Hill
Steven Thurlbourne
Toby Stephenson
Colin Taylor
David Ingram
Stefano Lazzarato
Alan Paver
Will Sharman
Mark Brownsword
Lee Hewson
Rob Horne
Harvey Horne
Mark Stevens
Mark Christopher
Graham Fisher
Jonathan Dronfield
Matthew Moore
Russell Gardner
Danny Watts
David Watson
Lewis Williamson
James Dixon
Paul Crawford
Paul Mason
Paul Nutten
Lewis Nutten
Joseph Cockill
Andy Wesson
Rob Jaques
Andrew Twigger
Trevor Bone
Liam Bone
Mark Thornewill
Jacob Thornewill
Anthony Potter
Darren Wells
Kamran Wells
Shaun Thompson


Paul Mills
Kevin Bishop
Current rides:

Team Associated B6.1

Kyosho RZ7

Kyosho ZX7

All kept going by PBM Racing
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Old 17-07-2019
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Dear racers,

Many thanks for your entry into the 4th round of this summer's Mid East Offroad 2wd Regional Series, there is some very important info in this email so please take some time to read it.

If you haven't already please could take a minute to complete the driver details form so that we have up to date information before the meeting, please pay particular attention when completing your transponder numbers as mistakes here can cost time on the day as race control make corrections https://robbiejuk.wixsite.com/me-or/...s-details-form

I have checked all of the entries so far and everyone has current BRCA membership so thank you for being organised

I think so far the series has been a huge success, we’ve had some great racing and the championships are shaping up nicely as we come to the latter part of the series, you can keep up to date with the current standings on our results website at http://me-or-results.co.uk/

The dates for the remainder of the series are below and it would be great to see as many of you as possible at every round.

August 18th 2wd Round 5 – A1 Raceway

September 15th 4wd Round 5 – A1 Raceway

Remember you need to complete 3 of the 5 rounds for each class to achieve a counting score and subsequently your BRCA F grade will be awarded based on your finishing positions in the series as outlined in the BRCA 10th Offroad section rules highlighted below:

"All competitors that enter an event(s) that count towards a Regional Championship, will be awarded a licence

grade based on their overall position for that Championship (2WD or 4WD separately).

Regional formulae will be allocated on a percentage basis as follows:- the number of drivers that score

points for the minimum number of events for a Region’s particular Series (ie. 3 from 5 events) will be used as

the base figure. Any drivers included in this base figure, that have gained their licence from the National

Series of the current year (F1, F2 and demoted F1) will be subtracted from the base figure to give an

adjusted base figure on which the calculations will be based. It follows that Regional licence grades can only

be established when the results of the National Championship are finalised.

FORMULA 2 - The top 20% of the adjusted base figure is used against the final series’ results to determine

the F2 drivers. (2WD and 4WD)

FORMULA 3 - The next 30% of the adjusted base figure is used against the final series’ results to determine

the F3 drivers. (2WD and 4WD)

FORMULA 4 - The next 30% of the adjusted base figure is used against the final series’ results to determine

the F4 drivers. (2WD and 4WD)

FORMULA 5 - The final 20% of the adjusted base figure is used against the final series’ results to determine

the F5 drivers (2WD and 4WD)."

The location of round 4 is Bingham Model Raceway.

The track is situated just outside of Bingham at the crossing point of the A46 and A52 roads. From the Saxondale roundabout take the Saxondale turn off.

At the end of the road turn Right. Before the end of the road there is a gate on the left hand side, turn into the gate and follow the track all the way up. Please note there are animals and tractors using this access road so please keep to 10mph maximum speed.

When you get to the end of the track go through the gate at the top and immediatley turn right. Then follow this track all the way to field where the circuit is situated.

I have attached a satelite map image with the access highlighted in red to help you find your way.

Please see the information below as a reminder of our series rules and timetables:

Class Rules:

Rules are per BRCA Handbook, Random cell voltage checks can be made before each heat is run, Batteries and motors as per BRCA Handbook.

Tyre Rule:

The following tyre list will be eligible for 2019 mid east regional series in any compound.

Rear Tyres: Schumacher Mini DART and Ballistic Buggy Spikes.

2wd Front tyres: Open choice

4wd Front Tyres: Schumacher 4wd front Mini Dart, Schumacher Wide and Narrow Stagger and Ballistic Buggy 4wd front Spikes

Lipo Sacks:

The charging of LIPOs in a protective container is mandatory. and the maximum permitted voltage is 4.2v per cell, 8.4v total


Marshalls must wait to be relieved before leaving their designated post to make it easier to identify that all marshalls are present.

BRCA Membership:


All clubs and all drivers should be fully aware but, just to re-iterate, all drivers and club officials must be in possession of current 2019 BRCA Membership, which can be attained either through their parent club or direct with the BRCA. Full details are available at: http://www.brca.org/ and click on 'Join'.

Regional Championships, points scoring system:

Championship points for the 2019 season will be awarded for both final overall Qualifying position and overall finishing position. With 120 points being awarded for the TQ driver, points being awarded downwards below them. Then the winner of the A Final will be awarded 120 points, with points being allocated downwards on subsequent finishing positions. The winner of each Championship will be the driver that has the best 3 from 5 overall scores, that is of the five rounds of each class, your best three scores will go towards your overall Championship position and also your 2020 Formula grade.

Drivers are reminded that although they can race in more than one region they can only score Regional Championship points in one! They must inform the club officials they are scoring points in another region at the time of booking into the meeting. These drivers must be removed from the regional finals and be placed in the open class finals.

Booking In, Heat Listings, Seeding & Formulas:

Booking in opens 2 weeks prior to the meeting and closes on the Friday evening before the meeting except in the case of the 2 day events when booking in closes on the Wednesday before the meeting to allow enough time for the heats to be prepared. Late entries and entries on the day are accepted but these drivers will be placed in heat 1.

Heat seeding has been one area that has been difficult thus far to get right and with this in mind and based on feedback from our previous rounds I have devised a new seeding system which we will be using this Sunday. I am hoping this will lead to a much fairer system and a happy bunch of racers, basically I have taken everybody’s total score and divided it by the number of rounds they have competed in to get their average round score and then we will seed in order from this (see below current seeding for drivers booked in as of Wednesday at 5pm

Jack Neal 234
Ben Smith 233
Matthew Moore 228
Andy Wesson 224
Adrian Parkes 224
Greg Hill 222
James Dixon 219
Anthony Potter 218
Joseph Cockill 216
Shaun Thompson 215
Alexander Bold 212
Olly Vaux 206
Andrew Twigger 204
Paul Nutten 199
Lee Hewson 198
Lewis Williamson 198
Lee Romang 194
Paul Mason 192
Jonathan Dronfield 188
Martin Shelton 187
James Westmoreland 187
Kev Jones 186
Paul Crawford 185
Ian Hawkins 180
Charles Krontiris 178
Luke Eyre 178
Mark Thornewill 175
Darren Wells 169
Will Sharman 168
Russell Gardner 167
Toby Stephenson 165
Stefano Lazzarato 165
Danny Watts 164
Steven Thurlbourne 159
Mark Christopher 159
Miklos Szabados 152
Ian Ward 151
Neil Woodhead 149
Phil Campbell 149
Mark Stevens 146
Liam Bone 146
Craig Gibson 145
Dave Dodd 142
John Langley 140
Rob Horne 139
Jaymie Greaves 138
Steve Parkin 134
Lee Hankins 130
Alan Paver 128
Trevor Bone 128
David Watson 127
Harvey Horne 126
Colin Taylor 123
Rob Jaques 122
Kamran Wells 121
Mark Brownsword 116
Jacob Thornewill 115
Graham Fisher 110
David Ingram 106
Lewis Nutten 106
Lee Stokes 0

Junior Classes:

As with last year there will be two junior classes competing within the main body of both the two and four wheel drive Regional Championships. They are Under 13, that is under the age of 13 as of 01 January 2019 and Under 16, that is under the age of 16 as of 01 January 2019. It is suggested by the Regional Representative, the top three of the U13 Junior category, and Top U16, will be presented, by the host club, with an award for their efforts, on the day of EACH Regional round based on qualifying positions. Championship trophies and / or perpetual shields being awarded in relation to the final Junior Regional Championship positions, will be presented at the last meeting of each formula.


Veterans (aged 40 on January 1st 2019) will again have their results calculated at the end of the year with trophies for the top three in the championship as well as a shield for the winner.

Open Class:

This year we’re taking a different approach to the open class, as a lot of drivers have purchased stadium trucks recently we’re hoping that the open heat may become a truck heat and subsequently develop into a truck championship but this is very much dependent on numbers. Other classes are permitted to run in the open class such as Short Course and rally cars. Open class competitors can choose to run a buggy either 2wd or 4wd in the open class but they will be excluded from the main class. For racers choosing to enter open with trucks or rally cars these racers will be permitted to run this as an additional class and enter the main regional event also.


Seniors £12

Juniors race for free


8:00 - 9:00 - Booking in

8:15 - 9:45 - Practice (in heat order)

10:00 - Drivers briefing

Heat 1 at 10:15, 11:25, 12:35, 13:45

Finals 15:00

Current rides:

Team Associated B6.1

Kyosho RZ7

Kyosho ZX7

All kept going by PBM Racing
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