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Old 10-06-2015
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Insurance companies these days will make their lives simple. If it is going to cost them money to sort this out they will just settle 50/50 and you're lumbered.

If you have legal insurance then get them up to speed ASAP. Make sure your solicitor engages with the insurance company and makes it clear that your claim is based on the facts and his claim is riddled with inconsistency as evidenced by the varying claims he has made.

I suspect that whatever you do it will end up as a 50/50 and Mrs. AndyS will end up with a higher premium.

Bugger the ugly camera and all that guff, legal expenses insurance is worth its weight in gold as they represent you. Insurance companies only represent themselves and if they decide to settle, whatever your camera says, you will have to fight the claim on your own. HTH
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Old 10-06-2015
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Default grey area

its a bad grey area. another idea would be to see if there is any cctv on the section of motorway would add more weight to any claim against the muppet driver. I drive for a living and seen drivers do it so many times had a few try with me then have second thoughts when they see that I in a 3 ton bus that would hurt if it hit em.
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Old 11-06-2015
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I was also in two minds about whether car cams are worth it as evidence in a claim or court of law, but after talking to my sister-in-law who works for a large Insurance Company dealing with claims every day, they are taking more and more notice of good quality footage from decent car cams and they are helping to settle claim's quicker with the evidence they provide.

And after a recent very close call with a van driver who was too busy fiddling with something in his footwell, drifted into my lane and missed me by about a milimeter, ive just ordered two of them and spare mountings for our cars after a lot of research of which to buy. I decided to avoid the real cheapies and went for something that has good footage at a reasonable cost and had a lot of good reviews in real-life use.

I went for two of the Mobius wide-angle cams, brought direct from the manufacturer to avoid the copies.

Very good long-running thread on Pistonheads about them -


Just work from about 20 pages back from the end for the latest info and thoughts.

Also here is invaluable resource for choosing which to buy -

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Old 11-06-2015
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Cheers for all the replies people


We had a call from the other parties insurance today - he has admitted full liability
Great news - no idea what's happened to change his mind - but I guess that when he explained what had happened, his insurance company must have suggested it was his fault.

So - all has ended well for a change

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Old 11-06-2015
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Great news! Bet that's a weight off your mind!
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Old 11-06-2015
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Brilliant glad to hear it pal

And Dyna thanks for the links I really need to get one for my car too, I kno how valuable they can be.
My feedback feel free to add anything
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