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Old 22-04-2018
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Guys and gals as you are all aware the track is closed Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April

We are having a track work party on both days to get everything ready for ther NRS Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May;As NDOR are hosting the 1st round of the NRS we like to set a high standard for the rest of the clubs to follow.

There are a few jobs that need doing the most important one is removing worn astro and replacing it with new.This is where you all come in as we need as many bodies down the track to help with the astro turf as it is heavy.If we can get this done it will be the biggest job done.
There is also weeding the whole track and general tidying up around the area of NDOR;

There is also new boarding and posts to go along the back straight to replace the rotten boards that are there already;

If you could please lend a hand over the course of the weekend it would be so much appreciated;I was supposed to be there also Tuesday 1st Wednesday 2nd May.Unfortunally due to my Dad Wilf i can no longer attend these days.This is more important to get the jobs done over the course of the weekend;

I cannot do the Tuesday and Wednesday as it is important to be there for my dad and sort out all the hospital appointments out and be there with him for all the scans and tests he has got to go through so i hope you can all understand this

I will be in attendance the track work party and also for the NRS.I will be on site from Friday 4th May until end of day Sunday 6th May.If i am called away for any reason then i will leave and the NDOR Team will take over from myself and the NRS will run fine.

Track work party times;
Saturday 10.00 - 5. 30 pm
Sunday 10.00 - 5.30 pm

The canteeen will be open for drinks only as i cannot expect my mom to come for the weekend due to her being at home with my dad.

If we finish all the jobs earlier than expected on Sunday those who have helped out wil be able to use the track .So if you want bring your cars with you.

If you could pop your name down on who is attending the work party this would be much appreciated;

I am not asking for people to be there all day even if you could kindly give a few hours of your time it will be really appreciated.

Hope to see you all there;
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