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Old 07-02-2019
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Default Pinions

I need to get a new set of 48dp pinions for my team Associated buggies and wondered if you can advise please on what brand to buy and how many e.g buy a set or just certain ones, this will be for 2wd and 4wd

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Old 08-02-2019
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It depends, are you a serial motor swapper?
Do you do *lots* of changes to motor timing/boost etc?

The more changes you do, the more pinions (and spurs) you'll need to get it right.

I don't play with either changing motors or motor settings much, so i just have 4 or 5 pinions per car (the sizes i need actually overlap, which is nice, so 19 through to 25) and a spare spur either side of my "normal" one. This gives me about 10-12 different ratios to choose from for different tracks/set ups. Some are easy to swap (pinion), some aren't (spur changes)

As an aside, i've just started mucking around with a 21.5t class, so i'm probably going to need another 4 or 5 pinions (around the 35 tooth mark) and a couple of smaller spurs gears. As there is no overlap in FDR at all with my other (all but identical) car, which runs a 4.5t motor.
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