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Old 12-04-2016
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Default Enduro

Manor RC model car club

3 mins ·

The Endurance meeting will be Sunday the 15th May this will be an all day event from 10.00 am to 5.00pm Entrance Fee's & Details will follow later this week THIS WILL BE A PRE-BOOKABLE MEETING

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Old 13-04-2016
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Default Enduro event 15th of may

The format will be as follows ::-
One Club transponder shared between a team of mixed classes and ability (drivers to be drawn from a hat for each class after all drivers have booked in to the meeting) so the team could consist of 2wd,4wd,under13 & a micro for example , There will be 3 x 90 minute races with a 20 minute break between rounds it will down to the team to decide which driver & car (as we will all use our own cars) will be on the ...track at any one time with the club transponder attached.
The winning team will be the ones that have gained most laps at
the end of round 3 (all 3 rounds will be added together to give total laps gained)
This will be a trophey event and awards will be presented to the
winning team at the end of the day .
When you book in to the event you will be given a transponder
extension cable which you will keep This is to make the transponder swaps fast allowing you to be able to simply velcro the transponder to the top of each car.
Also there will be a Joker Car each team will have a card to play when the card is presented to race control the Joker (car & driver) will join the race and any laps they gain will be added to that teams score you will only have one card to play so it will be down to the team to decide when to play the card (ie 1st round to get a head start or 3rd round to catch up)
As stated this will be a pre- booked event and all entrents must be signed up by Sunday the 8th of May .
Cost for the event will be £10.00 per driver.
To pre book please pay full amount or a 50% non refundable deposit during our normal sunday race meetings or email the club
were we will send you a pre booking form and details how to pay via paypal . manorcarclub@gmail.com (please put ENDURANCE as the heading .
Any questions please feel free to post below were we will try to answer you ASAP
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