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Old 26-03-2018
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After arriving at the track on Saturday at 9.00 a.m and leaving there at 6.30 p,m i felt i had done my work for the day;

This was including getting the jobs done that unwanted guests had left us and also making sure the track was tip top condition for you all to race on at the final round of the NDOR/Answer Rc Winter Series;

With the clocks going forward it already meant we had lost 1 hours sleep my alarm went off and it was REALLY is it time to get up.I arrived at the track at 6.10 a.m to make sure all was set up for race day and everything in order for what was going to be a good day; With the hold up i was greeted with on my journey home i actually arrived home at 6.46 pm to what has been a very long weekend;

Trevor Baker my heart went out to you with all the problems the laptop threw at you yesterday and i can honestly say you kept your calm and just battled on regardless.As i have said Trevor said he would take over the Race Director and my god he has certainly stuck to his word.He has just head down and carried on getting through the meeting.I would not do that job for all the tea in China.So from myself and i am sure all the drivers are on board with me to say a very big thank you.

Thank you to Peter Eden Answer RC Distribution for being our sponsor for the Winter Series.We all at NDOR appreciated this so much.

It has NOT been a easy task to carry on through the Winter at NDOR there had been times where i thought it was time to call it a day.The endless hours,grueling work, and being reduced to tears at time with the pain at the end of track work days or race days.It certainly had me thinking.
There are certain people that i can thank from the bottom of my heart that has stood by me,been my rocks, and given me the courage and inspiration to carry on running NDOR;

The Team also have been there when i needed them and i am just hoping we can carry on through the rest of 2018.With the help and support that i need to carry on running NDOR.Without this it is a mission impossible to keep everything running including all the work that i do behind the scenes.
What made the end of the Winter Series so special to me was my best friend,soul mate and companion and my partner in crime being there for a few hours Tim Ramsden.It has been so hard at times with you not being there but i always know that you are just on the e4nd of the phone 24/7

Thank you for you the DRIVERS that have supported the series and also thank you for at times being patient and understanding,This makes the day run alot smoother.I realize that sometimes it becomes frustrating but you have all composed yourself and made the Winter Series 2017/2018 what it has been at NDOR;

I am very pleased to say that the drivers all stayed behind for there presentation and end of series trophies.Thank you as this is so much appreciated.Also thank you for the comments to say how nice the trophies were .
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