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Old 26-06-2018
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Just to inform everybody unfortunally this is a very sad time for myself, as from Sunday 24th June i have stepped down from all my roles at NDOR,This includes any running of the club or any involvement I cannot tell you how hard this decision has been for me .

After the last 15 months of Tim Tracey Ramsden handing the track down to me is has been so hard to carry on with the track work, keeping it up to the standards we all like. All the surrounding areas and all the club work that goes on behind the scenes .Majority of the time i have been on my own and to do all this has taken a big toll on my health and life.

Unfortunaly my dad AKA Pops use to come along and spend his time helping me but as he can no longer do this due to his cancer spreading quicker than the treatment can control it . He is no longer in any fit shape to give his time up to keep me going and help me along the path.

So it has broken my heart to have to call it a day but I have got to think of my family first if people want to think other then that’s your problem and not mine. My family have given so much and always supported me in all I have ever done over the years of rc .There has to become a time in my life when my body is telling me i cannot carry on as i have been doing, and it is my family that have to see me suffer in pain and my whole body like Michelin man for 3 - 4 days after working at the track. I feel i have punished them enough and for me to carry on would just be dam right selfish;

When Pops departs us my mom and family are going to need me more than ever and i have to give that commitment to them and not a club or my hobby. This is what RC is a hobby or should be but the last few years it has taken over my life with little help and left to do it all alone. So i feel that i owe this to my family.

I have been in the RC for 20 years now and have made some lovely, close friends along the way. I have moved from club to club to support them and do what i can to get them established .I have organized many meetings, along with a fair few charity meetings. Which i can say has been a great pleasure to be part off. I am not giving up my racing and will choose what and where i race when i can or when time allows.

I have always said that no Rc Club or track is going to put me in a black box like it nearly did why my best friend,soulmate,companion Tim Tracey Ramsden. I take a long look at Tim Tracey Ramsden at the age of 50 and same age as myself. His quality of life is pretty shit with restricted walking and everyday chores and when i see him as he is today that is another reason i have decided to step down. I am 50 years of age and want some quality time with my little ones and enjoy many years with them .This to me is called making child hood memories and i am going to make as many as i can with them ,while i can

I would like to thank everybody who has been there for me over the last 10 years of my journey at NDOR, and thank you so much for all your help and support you have given me when needed. These are on my low days, medium days and high days. I know i am not easy at times and this is why it has made this decision incredible hard .I have thought long and hard about this and asked myself thousands of times in my head Have i been a failure the answer keeps coming back as no. I have no more to give to keep NDOR going to the standards we all like.

May i wish whom ever takes it over all the very best and wish you all the success for the future;

Thank you Mandy
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