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Default help me get KO Propo transmitter batteries

My old vantage esprit ii takes 2 lots of 4 aa batteries. It totals 9.6v.

It had old nicads soldered into each compartment, which holds 4 on each side ie it has 2 separate compartments.

I need to replace them. Can I go lipo, but if so how? As none are 9.6v. And the prices for all transmitter batteries seem to be ridiculous by the way, even if I buy 4.8v packs of normal rechargeable, like 23 quid etc? seems mad

And ideas please
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I just used 8 normal rechargeable AA batteries and charged via the socket on the side of the Tx.

I assume if your old packs were hardwired then the connectors aren't there any more in which case you'll have to swap like with like. Have you tried Vapex for suitable packs?

I too looked for suitable LiPo packs but without success, you'll have to stick with NiCad or NiMh.
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