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Old 16-01-2018
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Default 13.5 or 10.5?

Hello, I new to OOPLe, and after some advices on motor choice.
I have been racing at my local club for about 12 month now and come along a long way. Currently I am running an Xray T4, 15. Which I have got set up good for my driving style, and being very competitive. Electrics are
Team Corally – Cerix PRO 120,
With 2nd hand 13.5 dynamite dps motor.
Geared 31 / 76 =FDR 4.66.
My question is, as I am happy with top speed, but feel that I am getting all I can out of this set up and pushing it to the point of destruction.
(I do not want to run Boosted or Turbo, as very long story but when I did all went wrong with electric ended up up costing a lot of time and money to fix)

So, my option are as far as I can think as followed.
New 13.5 good quality Motor with Can timing (but will this be like for like ie no improvement?)
Or New 10.5 motor, again running binky, but standards can timing or maybe negative a bit, to give more torque, and more power between corners?

Hope that has all made senice, just after others thought on this?
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Old 17-01-2018
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I would have a chat to the people at your club. Assuming you can run a 10.5 motor within the rules it will be an easier way to get more acceleration that tuning your 13.5 with boost.
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