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Old 07-10-2011
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Default Vacuum thermoforming help...

Hi All.

I see some of you wish to have their own designed shells, so if there is some problem to find the right materials for the plug here are some solutions...except MDF or plaster

If you have CNC possibilities- this products are machinable slabs

Axson Prolab 65 or 75...cheap
Axson Lab 973........expensive

If you wish to have resin plug but CNC milling is too expensive:

1. make a mastermodel from f.e. balsa wood
2. impregnate with epoxy resin ( like Axson Epolam 2015/2014)
3. use wax type release agent (like Axson 841)
4. rub up tooling gelcoat (like Axson GC1 050/GC10)
5. apply epoxy tooling paste (like Axson EPOPAST 400)
6. demould the balsa mastermodel,,,now you have a nice mould for casting the thermoforming plug
7. cast polyurethane filled resin (like Axson F19 + RZ 209/6 Al filler)
7. cast epoxy filled resin (like Axson EPO 4030)

Demould in accordance with the curing of the resins.

worx well also on semi mass production lines

check this out...there is a UK Axson Technologies


good luck

Peter Kovac- team RS Concept Slovakia
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