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Old 21-09-2014
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Originally Posted by HOTSHOT III View Post
I only started doing VRC a few weeks ago and already i've noticed an improvement in my real life RC driving.

However on the larger tracks and when there are a lot of cars on the screen my frame rate drops to the point where it's not really enjoyable to play. Turning off the v-sync and reducing the anti aliasing seems to help but again it reduces the quality of the gameplay so I think maybe my PC needs upgrading to get the best out of it.

I'm a bit rubbish with computers and have no idea where to start with this, can someone help?
you do need a half decent gaming pc to see this game at its best. If you've got a typical pc world family type pc then it just won't be anywhere near the level to get more than a few fps out of this game. I'm no pc buff but there's plenty of info out there regarding upgrades etc. You obviously need a new graphics card, maybe some more ram as well. If you post your pc set up ie motherboard, cpu, graphics card, ram then someone might be able to suggest a upgrade path.
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Old 21-09-2014
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Before messing with any settings close down any excess applications you may have open before starting the game.

If this doesn't help try the following:-

Remove or turn down antialiasing, this will really improve performance on a lower spec machine.
Turn down/off the anisotropic filtering
As others have said remove a few of the bells and whitsles, good ones to remove are:-
smoke and dust
cloud shadows

Finally if needs be drop the screen resolution down a notch or 2

Im running on a fully specced Macbook pro retina 15" via bootcamp but output the game to a 32" TV and find it much easier to drive with the big screen
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