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Old 17-06-2008
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Default Schumacher GTR and GTR-e (extreem)

I looked and did not see anything on the GTR. How sad is that. Now I may have missed it but in any case I have my GTR-e. I race it a few different ways. I run it with nitro GTR's. Generally I smoke them. I race it againse full 1/8 Serpents and the like. These guys are much harder but I hold my own very well with them. I personally think it is my lack of ability that dose not let me beat them., I can easily be faster then they are. I drag it, 86 mph is my best run at 1.55 seconds. I also run it for just high speed. I am having trouble keeping the car on the ground above 120 mph. We are working on a few body and under body mods to help. Oh well here it is...

This is the new high speed body we are going to try.

Michael....... 3 Phase Racing / Schumacher / Max Amps / Tekin Brushless / FMA lipo chargers / Neu Motors / Multiplex 707 / Adrenaline Racers Club ........... Photo 1/8 Schumacher GTR-e blowing the doors off the nitro guys
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