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Old 16-04-2016
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Default Serpent SRX-4 Mid motor/shorty conversion

I started this project on demand for a mate of mine, Bart, who has been running an Serpent SRX-4 for quite a while. He wanted a dedicated astro car with the weight distribution to match.

Firstly, let me say that the idea is very much based around pictures of one of Jorn Neumann's development SRX-4's - so no credit there.

To get the prototype made, firstly, I drew the required serpent parts to be able to move stuff around to get to belt length requirements etc.

The parts for the first prototype were made on a self-made CNC mill from a friend / hobby shop owner (topspeed solutions).

CAD drawings of the first prototype :

With this, Bart won his first Clubrace and finished a respectable 8thin the Belgian Nationals on a clay surface -for which the car is not intended.

All the while, we were having troubles with belt tension and the front of chassis bending.To resolve both we decided to with using dual top decks.

For the moment we seem to have a very reliable car with very good handling.

Specs in short:

2 mill hard aluminiumchassis

2-piece glass-fibre top deck

glass-fibre side skirts with which we can adapt 1chassis to different bodies. at the moment we are using a Yoke B-maxIII which still has some clearance issues with the spur

belts:Schumacher bando’s that free up the drivetrain compared to the original ones

As it stands now, we are are fine tuning flex and are looking into having some parts 3D printed by Paul at ORB

Btw : the car goes under the name AK-47 (Astro Killer + my age)

Thanks for looking


Some renderings and pictures of the car :

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Old 16-04-2016
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And i saw Bart win his 2nd clubrace with the AK47 ver2 with a dominant performance. In the 3rd A-main he came close to lapping nr2 and 3 in the race. The AK47 seems to be coming together. Nice work.
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Old 16-04-2016
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Good job!
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Old 28-04-2016
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Stunning work.
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Old 28-04-2016
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Absolutely outstanding.
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Old 28-04-2016
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I love the car .
The way it drives and handles is way above my original expectations.
Luk and steven have done a great job .
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Old 28-04-2016
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I'm glad you've to come to join me on the diy side Bart

Excellent work guys
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Old 13-12-2018
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any chance on making kits to buy mate very interested
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Old 14-12-2018
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Superb or stuning good work.
Is there any youtube video to share??
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Old 08-01-2019
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Wow! This is great work!
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