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Old 15-12-2016
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Default 2017 North East Regional Dates

Hi Everyone

Here are the confirmed dates for the North East Regional's
It will be 3 out 5 to count in each class. Bury are continuning to host a round of the NE series as they did a magnificent job in 2016

April 23rd Batley 4wd

May 27th & 28th RHR 2wd & 4wd

June 24th & 25th South Shields 4wd & 2wd

July 22nd & 23rd Teesside 2wd & 4wd

August 19th & 20th Bury 4wd & 2wd

September 3rd Batley 2wd

Please make sure your BRCA Memberships are Valid


2WD and 4wd Regionals:- Best 3 sets of points to count
Entry Fee: 10.00 (per class, per event) – Under 13’s, Under 16’s (as of 01/01/17) 5.00
Non Regional Class (if space etc) 8.00 (per class, per event)

Sunday 23rd April 4wd Rnd 1 Batley
Saturday 27th May 2wd Rnd 1 RHR
Sunday 27th May 4wd Rnd 2 RHR
Saturday 25th June 4wd Rnd 3 South Shields
Sunday 26th June 2wd Rnd 2 South Shields
Saturday 22nd July 2wd Rnd 3 Teesside
Sunday 23rd July 4wd Rnd 4 Teesside
Saturday 19th Aug 4wd Rnd 5 Bury
Sunday 20th Aug 2wd Rnd 4 Bury
Sunday 3rd Sep 2wd Rnd 5 Batley

Points from best 3 from 5 to count for Regional Series Championships
ENTRIES will be available on-line 2 weeks prior to event. There will be 120 entries available on each day/class.
It is possible to do the minimum 3 qualifying rounds on a Sunday

New for 2017 Control Tyres:
The 2017 Regional Championship permits only three types of tyre for the rear axle at each event. Compound and quantity used is not restricted. Front tyres are a free choice.
The permitted rear tyres at all 2017 Regional Championship events are :
• Schumacher Mini-Spike
• Schumacher Darts
• Ballistic Buggy Mini-Spikes

Reminder:- You can only score points in one (1) region per class. If you enter the NE points scoring 2WD or 4WD heats and you appear on any other regions 2WD/4WD points listing, you lose BOTH sets of points for that class (ie: Disqualified from that class across the UK Regionals for 2014 – BRCA Rule).
Anybody that does NOT pre book their entry will not be seeded for heats in qualifying if you pre book your entry and can not attend please make sure you cancel your entry.

Non-Regional Class (2wd or 4wd):- May be run at each event. Will not count for end of season points or formulas. Entry Fee: 8.00. You cannot compete in this class and the Regional class on the day.

BATTERIES/MOTORS:- ONLY BRCA LEGAL Brushed and/or Brushless Motors and Batteries (including Lipo’s (as per Electric Board Listing at the time) will be allowed within any BRCA Sanctioned event. Lipo batteries to be of the hard cased type.

TIMETABLE:- Every effort to be made to commence booking-in at 7.30am, Practise (5 minute slots if possible) commencing at 8.00am to 09.30am. Last call for drivers re booking-in at 9.15am, Drivers briefing 9.45am and Heat One (1) on the line by 10.00am.

NOTE: Any pre-booked in driver not actually confirming entry by 9.15am on the day will be deleted from the listing at that time and may be classified as unseeded for the meeting in question plus the following one. This will also apply should any driver turning up after 9.15am.

QUALIFYING:- FTD or Round Points (Race Director/Regional Rep decision).
Four rounds of qualifying and ONE Final for everyone (Barring the unforeseen happening).
The general rule will be to run qualifying (4 rounds) and drop finals if problems arise.

TROPHIES:- 1st place in each final (per class) within each Regional FINAL to receive a trophy. Also trophies or prizes for (based on qualifying) to the highest placed Under 13, Under 16 and Veteran class driver and TQ

END of SEASON FINALS MEETINGS:- (See Kash Khan re entry)..............
Juniors (u13, u16), and Veterans Finals
to be held at the BROUGHTON Venue. 2wd Saturday 12th August & 4wd Sunday 13th August
Formula Champs - Usually Top 5 F2, F3, F4, F5 to be held Kidderminster
2wd Saturday 9th September & 4wd Sunday 10th September.

ISSUED ON BEHALF OF North East Regional Rep: Kash Khan – kashnerep@gmail.com

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