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Default Motor always faster in reverse?

I have a Hobbywing QuicRun 120a ESC a connected to a Turnigy Trackstar 7.5t Sensored motor and no matter what I do (apart from switch the motor wires and go sensorless) the motor always goes much faster in reverse.

I have calibrated the Throttle range as per the manual in every way I can think of, with the TX channel 2 reversed and normal, calibrated the throttle reverse instead of forward. It always ends up with the reverse much faster?

My TX is a Flysky FS-GT3B.
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Daft question, but have you checked the throttle EPA is set to 100% forward and back? When you're setting it on that radio it won't show percentage unless you move the trigger in that direction.

If you're not seeing the 100% throttle LED lit in forwards then something's not set right. When you do the ESC calibration it's neutral, full forward then full reverse.
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What car is it in, are you sure the motor is turning the correct way, looking at the pinion end it should be going anti clockwise

Make sure all your end points are at 100% and recalibrate speedo to radio.
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