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Old 17-07-2018
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Default NW Regional Round 5 @ Bury Metro - 12th August

Booking in for Round 5 of BRCA North West Regional series to be held at Bury Metro Radio Car Club on 12th August Is now OPEN!!

Booking in through oOple or email info@bmrcc.co.uk Please submit the following :-

BRCA Number
PT Number (this is mandatory for BRCA sanctioned meetings)
“F” grade if know
Crystal if not 2.4 gig

Intended time schedule (subject to change if necessary):

Gates Open 7:30am (You will be directed were to unload and park)
Booking in from 8:00am to 9:00am
Provisional practice heat list to be shown by 7:45am
Practice in heat order from 8:00am (4 min slots) (you must marshal after your practice)
Finalised heat list up by 9:15am
Drivers Briefing 9:30am
Heat 1 Start 10:00am
Qualifying complete 15:40pm
First Final 16:00pm
Meeting complete 17:30pm

After you have run in your practice heat you are required to marshal the next practice heat, so drivers in the last heat have to marshal practice heat 1.
The intention is to run 4 rounds of qualifying plus 1 final for each competitor.

Tyre rules:

2wd - driven axle (rear) Schumacher Minispike / Ballistic Buggy Minispike. Or Schumacher Darts

4wd - Rear axle Schumacher Minispike / Ballistic Buggy Minispike. Or Schumacher Darts

Front axle in both cases is open choice of any commercially available product that meets the 1/10 offroad general wheel/tyre rule.

In all cases the choice of compound is open.

This is a BRCA sanctioned series and as such will run to their 1/10 offroad rules and regulations. CARS WILL BE CHECKED.

IMPORTANT - NO DRIVER CAN SCORE POINTS IN DIFFERENT REGIONS FOR THE SAME CLASS DURING THE SAME SEASON. That means for example you cannot score points in 4wd at NW and 4wd in NE regions. But you can score points in 2 different regions in different classes, so you could do 2wd NW, and 4wd NE. If you score points for the same class in more than 1 region you will be disqualified and lose all of your points, and you will be graded F5 for the following year irrespective of your current F grade. If anyone has the slightest doubt regarding their intentions or status under this rule they should inform their BRCA club rep and ask for clarification from the BRCA Northwest Steward.

**Only the newer MRT's personal transponders will work at Bury, all older AMB's and MyLaps (Harry/Percy) work with our new decoder**

The Goshen Sports Centre
Tennyson Avenue

Directions & more club information: Can be found on our website www.bmrcc.co.uk

**We have not booked any catering at present, this may change and you will be notified**

Stu Jones
Stu Wood
Finlay donegan BRCA: 181334 PT: 4471851 F5
Wayne Perei PT 3107427
Nick Caro PT 5222646
Jason Woodward
Lee Chorley PT 6287842
Mark Ogden
Martin Thorpe
Lee Akeroyd PT 6199226
Levi Akeroyd PT 7104179
Callum Akeroyd-Bench PT 7425129
Paul westwell PT 2313682
Luke Holdsworth
Josh Holdsworth
Frazer Thwaite PT 3767671
Colin kershaw PT 9036431
Mark Redmond
Lee Thwaite PT 4312275
Megan Bradbury PT 5203441
Ethan Bradbury PT 9826529
Stephen Lawson
Damian Whittle
Chris cherry PT 9255459
Connor Cocker
Neil Ralph
Adam Perei PT 6185338
Mark Jones PT 7662581
Nick Cox
Adian Burke
Tommy Tansley PT 6707428
Ste Ball
Liam Ball
Ste Garner
Chris Tipping
Peter Evans
Joel Maher
Craig Flynn PT 7204126
David Myszkowski
Craig Mason PT 4604526
Kevin Hodkinson
William Hodkinson
Tony Parr
Chris Evo
Simon Tollick BRCA: 180534 PT 7299006
Gavin Collingwood
Scott Broadbent
Gary Ogden
Andy Ridley PT 9215225 40.695
Thomas hodgkinson PT 5318947
Lee Fraser
Reece Costello
Hayden-Lewis Calf PT - 3622435
Paul Calf PT - 7206661
Mike Bispham
Stu Mahon
Molly Mahon
James Pritchard
Chris Sutcliffe
Chris Hinks
Matt Hinks
Mike Bradbury
Dale Lee
Ethan Rushworth
Isaac Rushworth
Stu Dixon
Miles Allen
Tim Brown BRCA 163346 PT 2600253 F4
Darren Wales
Chris Holmes, BRCA 152985, PT 8412456, Ability average
Tom Holmes, BRCA 152993 PT 2982143, 695, 775, 985 MHz F grade unknown, Junior beginner
Andrew Milner BRCA 160123 PT 4364393 Ability average F grade unknown
Derek mclarney PT 9157402
Dave Saville BRCA 180373 PT 5875380 F5
Matt Smithies
Richard Taylor BRCA 9223, PT 49023061 F2
Paul Tonks PT 6042317
Tom Pattison PT 3828251
Paul Smith PT 5506182
Arron Redmond PT 5820215
Nick Caro
Dave madsen
Mark Crompton
Darren trelfa
Jo trelfa
Chris smith
Cody smith
Ian Joyner
Olie Dillon Pt. 5252925 Brca 161149
Rob Mills

90 out of 90

All other entries are now on the 2wd Reserve List

Stu Jones
Neil Burdess
Lee Chorley PT 5061107
Paul westwell PT 2313682
Frazer Thwaite PT 9629299
Mark Redmond
Lee Thwaite PT 9439199
Stephen Lawson
Chris cherry PT 4527497
Connor Cocker
Adam Perei
Mark Jones PT 7662581
Peter Evans
Joel Maher
Mark Broadbent
Reece Costello
James Pritchard
Andy Woods
Tim Brown BRCA 163346 PT 8799178 F4
Bryn Tindall
Paul Tonks PT 4681668
Heidi Shilcock

22 out of 30

4wd Reserve List
Bury Metro - Club Secretary

Chill out, its only a RC car

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