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Old 14-09-2015
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Default SCT Future

Sorry to be a doom sayer , but where do we stand ? SCT seems to be losing ground and a great class would be lost. i am a late comer to the class, and maybe i missed the peak , but i see a viable and fun class that is head and shoulders above buggys in the fact they are fun and handle like dogs .
In the US they thrive and i hope to race next year in Texas , but uk it is dwindling? How can we get bashers to race and keep the momentum ? We all probably own other classes should we bring the SCT to other races for a final blast at tea time ? i got into this for fun as teen , SCT looks to hold the spirit ? Your thoughts please to how we keep the dream alive ?
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Old 14-09-2015
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Handle like dogs??? The modern 2wd's are all based on stretched and widened versions of the current w2wd buggies, the newer 4wd's are 1/8 e buggies tweaked to suit the class specs. Ok so maybe not as nimble as a buggy but hardly 'dog' like!
As for the future, try getting clubs to support the class........most won't but some great ones do but the trouble is there's no glamour over here like in the states
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Old 14-09-2015
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Default Sct

I don't believe its loosening popularity dude people come and go that's the nature of the class..
We've always had a steady turnout of numbers, and I believe if anything things are looking promising.
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Old 15-09-2015
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I think the problem, at least from what I have seen is you don't know what you want the racing to be like.

A lot has been said about the fun and relaxed racing. Well from the two races I have been at it has been nothing like that with more drama and infighting than I have ever seen at a buggy race from club all the way up to national.

I am not a buggy A finalist by any means except at club level but have raced at regional and National buggy races and know how to get round the track and avoid collisions on a race track. Except it would appear at an SCT race, in all the 6 finals I have been in every single one I have ended up last by the second corner due to take outs by a ridiculously bunched up grid and the bumper car nature of racing. I am sure it is me being cautious or something as I don't like hitting other cars/trucks but it is really getting me down. I enjoyed the qualifying and did around what I would expect to do but left both race events with a really negative feeling about the racing.

If you want competitive racing then folks need to treat it as such with refs not just for the A final and penalties for takeouts or at least a change of style.

I race SCT at a local track for fun with no prizes or championships and the way I feel currently I think that is where I will limit it to and leave the proper racing to buggies.
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Old 15-09-2015
Robbiejuk Robbiejuk is offline
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I enjoyed sunday. Made the A final with my ancient Ansmann C.O.R.E truck which is really showing it's age against the more modern Short course trucks. I thought it was a good turnout to.

The 2wd A finals were not too bad for me anyways. Bit of boring and bashing but I didn't receive any major takeouts personally. Our referee was the politest ref in the world to.

But I had a good day, playing with trucks surrounded by my mates having a good laugh. Now tempted to get myself a SC5M as they looked really good on sunday and do next years series!

Robert Jaques, Schumacher Racing KC, K2. Team Associated SC5M

"The Japanese Sniper"

Team Autocare & Cycles
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Old 16-09-2015
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The nationals are getting dirtier every race, and rivalries have formed, I had to take a step back and re evaluate why I was doing it as I had started to not enjoy it after Mendip. I was trying too hard for the win, as were others and it was taking the fun away.

At A1 I went with a different attitude to winning and was there for fun and enjoyed my racing again (after I fixed it several times) But when you do get blatantly hacked its fairly normal to want to give them a little smack back as a thank you.

I have said it before time and again, the rules for buggy racing just cannot be applied to short course, and why should they be, after all they are not buggies.

Why cant we sample different strategies at a practice meet to work out what can work with for the class. For example, rolling starts? Side by side starts. extra for finals over qualifying.

I have never liked the points for quali as personally im better at driving when we all go together, ya know like a RACE!

Its not a BRCA class and as such does not need to be ran to any hard set of rules so why not tweak them?

Its already open for bashers as there is no control tyre? All they need is a Transponder and enough batteries to get them through the day.

Maybe replace the vintage buggy class which had no entries with a different class? (examples, RTR -CUP any bone stock RTR trucks can enter - 3s Lipo class? 8th Buggy class? 10th buggy class? 8th superlight class?? RALLY CARS)

There are many many options available to make it more enjoyable.
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