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Old 13-10-2013
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Default One practice evening left.

As mentioned here http://www.oople.com/forums/showthread.php?t=137310

The Winter championship starts on the 25th October and with now only one week of practice rounds left it is clear to see that people are dialling in their cars to give themselves the best chance for what is looking to be a competitive championship in all three formula.

A Final

With two of the top three finishers in F1 from the spring championship absent this week it left the remainder form the last F1 podium Steve to clean up in both of what were to be 2 fast, frantic a finals. A clear lap ahead of the rest of the pack with 35 and 34 laps respectively, Lisa finishing in second overall with a 2nd and 3rd, Anthony in 3rd overall with a 4th and 2nd let down by a failure in the first final, Lee finishing 4th overall looking strong while still getting back into the swing of racing again after a while out and Adam with two 5ths placing him so, in Adams defence he has a new-to-him chassis on its debut outing and suffering radio issues to compound the problem.

B Final

The return of a former F2 winner after a long break put a spear through the usual finishing order of the B final with Rich at the pointy end and looking as if he hadn't been away, but he was to manage 2nd in the B overall which could have been a 1st had he not had issues in the first final. which let me take 1st overall in the B with a 1st and 2nd. Lee finished 3rd after the two legs with a 2nd and 4th (not sure if his handling gremlins have come back??). A very strong run from Anthony saw his ever steep trajectory of improvement continue with two 3rd place finishes placing him 4th overall and looking to be a menace in the championship for the locals thinking its going to be an easy 8 weeks, Rob had a good evening also managing to squeeze ever more speed out of his 12th scale 2wd mardave, but unfortunately sustaining an evening stopping breakage in the first final meant he was unable to attend the grid for the second.

C Final

Martin showing that consistency is the key to all victories with two solid 1st place finishes with his Mi1, followed by Dan with the same chassis after having a coming together with some of the track furnishings in the first final giving him a 3rd and 2nd, good to see Ethan making some big leaps forward but fortune was not on his side as his battery parted company with the car in the second final leaving him with a 2nd and 3rd but because of qualifying positions finishes 3rd, with Beth being away with Rich it seems she may need another week to get the thumbs back in order and return to placing higher.

onward to next week!
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