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Old 13-10-2018
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Default Steering problems

Hi guys, got a problem with my steering if anyone can help 😬, I was Driving last night and during the sessions I would get a delay of about a 1 - 1.5 secs in the steering, which would cause me to go straight on into the barriers . But it would only happen once maybe twice in the session, after 3-4 mins of driving...
Iíve looked at the obvious being connectors and they all look fine, any tips / help will be much appreciated 👍🏻
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Old 13-10-2018
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Does the servo get hot at all.

Or have you tried a different servo and see if it still happens.

MiCk B. :-)
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Old 13-10-2018
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Hi mick, the servo is nearly new as only driven couple times with it, but saying that my dad has purchased the same one at the same time and his has failed already by the gear breaking inside, so might have to have a look at trying another one I think, didnít check the temp of the servo but will keep an eye on that 👍🏻
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Old 13-10-2018
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Also sounds like symptoms of a "brown out" where the RX loses signal.

What servo, ESC, RX, motor & cells?
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Old 15-10-2018
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More questions ?
Are you using spectrum radio gear with savox servos ?

Savox servos can be a bit power hungry and combined with spectrum as previous post alluded to can get this radio signal loss or Brown out

If so try a voltage booster in a spare rx port it often cures issue
Regards Dave
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