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Old 17-08-2017
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Default No more Durango?

‼️Breaking News‼️ Official Hobbico Statement‼️ Due to market conditions, the Team Durango product line has been discontinued and we will receive no further product shipments. (We do have some parts inventory remaining and available for a limited time.) We thank all Team Durango customers and team members for their dedication to Team Durango. ‼️NOTE‼️THE ARRMA BRAND is growing quickly and unaffected.

Can we change this group to Arrma then?

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Arrma kraton
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Old 21-08-2017
AfroP AfroP is offline
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Sad to see this happen
Team - Durango a world winning brand has been killed off by a crappy business model implemented by Arrma who dont even produce 1/10th off-road RC kits.
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Old 21-08-2017
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Shame on hobbico and arrma for running a well-established brand into the ground. TD looked outside of the box in terms of design, producing kits that performed well for me (while I never did come to terms with the DEX210 I raced, I did well and won a number of local points-championships with a 2010 DEX410 and a DEX408v2).

TD's "serious about racing" mantra is now disassembled in favour of arrma's couldn't-give-a-crap about racing...
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Old 24-08-2018
Backforfun Backforfun is offline
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Do we think we will see this brand again ?

Strange they keep the website?
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Old 24-08-2018
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Badly run, badly over priced, badly managed and spares were never easy to get, badly designed, sorry 2wd was utter crap as after each race you had to change the setup which shows either the material they used was wrong or it was a really bad design to start with, which was a shame.
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