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Old 04-03-2019
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Default 1/10 TC help please.

I fancy having a crack at 1/10 TC this year but have a few questions.

Can you use shorty lipo's?
If not, what mah stick pack should I get and how many?

How modern/old of a used car should I start with? AE TC6? Xray t2/3/4? Anything else?
Or, buy a new lower spec car, Schumacher Mi1v2? Xpress Execute XQ1S?
Motors and tyres for racing at MB in Leeds??

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Old 05-03-2019
dlr dlr is offline
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Full sized 2s. You can bodge shorties into some cars but then you have low weight issues. 5000mah will be fine. Can make do with 1 pack if you can charge at say 10A but 2 is better.

MB if it's the same as the schumacher events they run then 13.5 and maybe a control tyre, if not then sorex 28 or the contact 30s

The XQ1S seems good but if you're new to it I would go with a second hand higher spec car, Xray probably the most common but get a T4 15 onwards as a lot of the parts are cross compatible with newer ones. Might need a bearing refresh but you can get a full kit for £25 off ebay

If it's MB you will mainly go to I suggest posting on their facebook groups as you might find a bargain car and most people will have an older lipo you could buy for a few quid just to get started
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Old 05-03-2019
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Agree with all that, get a full-size lipo, capacity won't matter too much. A 6000mah weighing around 280-300g will balance in most cars easily.

Used Xray T4; Xrays are very strong so perfect for indoor racing, and they last forever. Anything from the 2014 onwards is good, obviously the newer the better in terms of how much wear it will have had.
Mercedes AMG F1
Team Xray
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Old 05-03-2019
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28 Black sorex are great for MB.

As the guys mentioned above, a decent second hand car is a good option if its cheap. I would look at more popular brands if going that route as sometimes it is hard to find spares for some of the more niche brands like MTS, Arc etc.

If going for an Associated, I would steer clear of the 6 and look for 7's, Xrays from 15 onwards and I would be a little cautious of the BD8 as most guys who moved on from the BD7 didn't get on with them, but the BD9 seems to keep them happy MB also races the Yokomo so there will be good support at the track.

Awesomatix 800x are also good indoors.

Me, I run TRF and enjoy it, but there is not a lot of those at the track at MB (It will probably only be me).
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Old 13-04-2020
jimbratron jimbratron is offline
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Not meaning to hijack thread!

Whats a decent body shell to run, small twisty tarmac track please?
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