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Old 12-12-2014
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Cool Mental but I like it!

Hey guys!

thanks for letting me hang around on Thursday like a bad smell, you guys are mental but extremely likable bunch of characters! After doing some inspection of your kit I've narrowed my selection of goodies (Christmas pressies to one self) to the following...

Transmitter - going to go for the Sanwa Gemeni-X

ESC - Noticed you guys are Orion R10 lovers so planning to get one
Apex are out of R10 stock and only has the R10.1 in atm but it's a little reach for my budget that bad-boy so looking to pick an R10 up elsewhere!

Motor - I thought to get something like a 9.5/8.5 to start with to get used to it before going balls deep. There is a Reedy Sonic 9.5 availble for £40 which i think I'm going to get... unless you guys think otherwise.

Charger - There seemed to be a divide between the Core charger and Orion charger... I'll be checking the reviews on them but I like the idea of having a duo charger for 'future proofing'... (opinions?)

Batteries - not a damn clue... I was thinking 5000mah with 50C upwards?? please advise!!! Also how many batteries should I get to do a race meet safely? My ZX5 will need to get some modifications to accept the LiPo packs as it is currently designed for accepting 6S NiMh/NiCd batteries, I'm pretty sure tough I can modify it to accept shorty packs, possibly... if I use a foam spacer or fashion some contraption/strap... check HERE FOR CHASSIS layout if you are unsure of what it looks like

Transponder - which type of perosnal transponder do I need and where to I get them from... I found these dudes... http://www.bbksoftware.com/ but they seem to have two types of personal transponders...

thanks for the help!
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Old 12-12-2014
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Default Bits and bobs

All sounds good, text me for r10 and motor.

Controller sounds good if you like sticks (ie, are old school)

Either charger will do a fine job so get whichever is in stock and cheap

I also have a transponder you can buy if that helps, it's exactly club champion so that must make the car faster.... Maybe.

Get 2 shorty lipos of what ever make and rating as it makes no difference at our level, apex do some well priced packs

Dirty dear
Dirty Dear
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Old 12-12-2014
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Default charger etc

if you want used, I have an orion charger, £30

motor or 2 to suit £30 each

an orion R10 pro esc, £70.

and a few other things to.....

message me if your interested...
, Team Xray,
Team Gainsy Graphics, DPP Racing

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Old 13-12-2014
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Darrens your man

I have a pt you can buy £40.
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