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Old 01-05-2014
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Default DEX408 spur gear

Hi Everybody!

I'm in a bit of need for a new spur gear for my 1/8th ride, and apparently it's sold out everywhere. Some sites even lists it as discontinued.

As no other spur gear on the marked offers a usefull race gearing it's an important part to keep the car running.

Does anyone here have any idea when it will be available again, or if a new part is underway?
I drive these beauties:
Team Durango DEX408 v1 with Xerun 150A and Tekin T8 1900kv.
Team Durango DEX210 with LRP SXX Comp combo 13t stock
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Old 04-05-2014
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If you speak to mike at number5rc.co.uk he will be able to order the spur in
For you plus any other Team Durango spares you need.

Btw the spur is not discontinued and is still available.


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