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Old 10-01-2020
Sumilidon Sumilidon is offline
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Default Thinking of re-starting

Hi all,
I am thinking about getting back into the hobby after a good 9 years away and was hoping for a little direction with regards to the club. I used to do 1:10 touring cars at Barley Mow but in honesty I went too fast, bought too much, broke things easily and it stopped being fun as I was constantly waiting on parts. I wanted initially to do the Buggies over Seaham but the travel was a pain – Nissan is easier however.
I know this is the same club, but was wondering what people typically run / what would be good to get started in. Do you have a "slower round" where the not-so-fast cars take part? Is everything brushless or do you have brushed rounds for new starters? Is there differences in rounds between buggies / truggies (do you run them?) etc.
I’m not too fussed at present on 2WD or 4WD – mostly just getting my legs under me so I would be starting cheap – something like a FTX. Unlike 9 years ago, I have a 3 year old eating up all my money
What else would I need. I know the website said I would need to table and extension cord, but what about things like a transponder? Is there a certain type these days to use? Again – my knowledge is old!
Finally, how does the club work? I see an annual membership post but is there an insurance of sorts? Annual payments etc?
Any advice much appreciated.
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Old 10-01-2020
lofty2332 lofty2332 is offline
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I don't race at that club but if you are after a buggy hold off a week or two and the market will be flooded with 2nd hand RC10 B6.1's as the B6.2 is out soon but for a beginner the B6.1 will be an brilliant bit of kit.
The B6.1 is probably the most popular buggy in the UK at the moment, also 2wd is cheaper and easier to maintain.

Motor wise all buggy clubs seem to run brushless, they are more reliable, master and easier to maintain.
Clubs normally group racers by ability so if you turn up and say you are a new driver you will be with the slower racers.

Again don't know about that club but from what I can tell most clubs work the following way:
You pay for BRCA membership yearly which you must have (your insurance)
You can choose to pay club membership most clubs give cheaper race day fee's for members as well as other perks. Bury where I run give you rostrum access for the outdoor track as part of the membership as a perk.

I started racing last year after a 17 year break so if you have any questions give me a shout so you don't make the mistakes I made.
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Old 10-01-2020
ChrisW1610 ChrisW1610 is offline
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NEAM @ Nissan we only race 2wd and 4wd electric buggies (there is a potential of truck heats but we dont seem to get the numbers to run a full heat.)

We race indoors on a Sunday evening at the Nissan Sports and Leisure complex from 4pm onwards. We also have a permanent outdoor astroturf track that will be used during the warmer months!

As lofty said, we mostly run brushless as its so much more reliable and easier to live with, but this not a requirement.
Heat wise, you will be seeded accordingly so will be with drivers of similar ability, remember we all started somewhere so help and encouragement is always at hand!

As for brands, I would avoid the FTX as thats not really suited to the racing at the club, and no doubt you would want to upgrade rather quickly.....

Most major brands are ran, with Schumacher, AE and Xray the most popular and 2wd as the most popular class.

TQ Models attend club meetings most weeks so spares and help are readily available should you need them. There is always a good selection of used kit for sale too, to get you started on a budget.

I would suggest coming along to the club for a watch and chat, we have a round of our Winter Series running this weekend, starting at 8am through to 6pm and loads of people willing to help out.

Again as Lofty said, insurance is covered by the BRCA membership, which is mandatory to be able to race at our club, and then there is the club membership which gives cheaper weekly race fees.

If your on Facebook take a look at our page NEAM RC as this is where is most active. Also search lddlmurphy on Youtube for his great videos of the weekly club nights and other racing events.
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Old 11-01-2020
Sumilidon Sumilidon is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 134

Thanks Chris, I may get the chance to come down tomorrow and hopefully see if its worth getting back into
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