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Old 15-10-2018
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Default oOple is running Yank calender

Do you know when you log in to oOple, and it says on the left side of your screen, when you last visited? Well if I was to read it like a right thinking person would, it says I was last here on the 10th of May, but I was actually here only the other week.

So this leads me to believe this part of the website is strangely set to the American way, which we all know is wrong, like a lot of their spelling and the people they vote in .

Anyway, woosah, down from the soapbox.

Can it be changed back to UK calender?
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Old 15-10-2018
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It can be, the forum is running on VBulletin - I've built and run a few forums based on this over the years and it's done in the Admin's CP on the server side.
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