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Old 28-10-2013
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Default MMMRC AGM News....

So, yesterday saw the MMMRC AGM conducted in good productive and very positive fashion.

To summarise some of the main points and details of it:

The club reported that it had had a year of mixed fortunes.

Nationals income was down slightly on the previous year, but it was felt only in line with the general decline trend in a number of the large scale and onroad classes nation wide.

Onroad club attendance had dropped off very very low and disappointing levels.

Offroad club attendance levels have shown a good level in the first full year. We had no idea what to expect, so this sets a level for for future years to build on hopefully.

The clubs finances are in reasonable shape given the performance of the club as a whole, and as of yesterday were showing a low, but positive number in the clubs account.

Since the offroad section is still paying off the track build, the offroad section only accounted for a small but very welcomed proportion of the total income when compared to income from the onroad nationals. These continue to be the main contributing income for the club. The offroad sections income will become a much more major part of the clubs income once the tack is fully paid for.

Then....the current MMMRC committee stood down completely, so ALL positions became vacant.

Andy Nancollis (ME! ) was nominated and elected as Chairman.

Paul Morrissey was nominated and elected as Secretary.

Rick Evans was nominated and elected as Treasurer.

No other positions were filled or created during the AGM, the intention being to do that over the coming weeks and months as the needs for roles are realised once the new committee has taken stock of the clubs needs.

The outgoing committee offered it's very best wishes for the future to the incoming committee.

These were very positively received, and the new committee recognised the long standing efforts of the outgoing committee, and expressed it's desire to make sure the club was in hopefully good hands that only wanted to grow and improve things for everyone concerned.

So...what does this mean going forwards....the things we can say for certain...

1) The club is safe for the time being, and offroad and onroad racing will continue at Mendip as long as we can afford it.

2) The club will be looking to do a lot of running repairs and general site ( particularly in the pit area!) maintenance in the coming months.

3) Club membership pricing and what that includes will be overhauled and made to set a single membership level for everything so that all club members get the same level of access to the club and it's facilities.

4) We will be starting fresh, and trying to do everything we can to improve the club draw in new racers, and keep RC racing at Mendip as long as we can!

What we don't know yet.....

Many many things!!!! We plan to have a big planning meeting of some sort in the not too distant future. Anyone interested in coming along to help, have input and discuss things for the good of the club will be more than welcome to join us!

We'll let you know a venue and date and time for that as soon as we get our heads around what just happened

Exciting times though...we hope you all agree! Here's to 2014!!!
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Old 28-10-2013
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Exciting news indeed.

I have to add my thanks to the outgoing committee for running such an awesome venue, and for fostering the worm club to grow into a great place to race. I think we all know that starting a club and venue is a very hard thing to do in current times where lots of clubs are shutting down. WORM would not have worked without the support of the MMMRC committee.

Merging the clubs to a single entity is a great development. I am really looking forward to getting something to run on tarmac again. I will look forward to see what future plans Andy has in place. So good luck to the future, I think we all know its a mammoth task to take on both clubs

As always, I am happy to help where i can.

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Old 28-10-2013
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Good luck to you Andy in your new position, hopefully the new committee and members will give you all the support you'll need in the coming year.
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