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Old 07-12-2016
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Default Carisma GTB VS LC RACING EMB

Hi all
I'm on the market for either a GTB or An EMB1
I was Wondering how much more I will need to spend on one over the other car
to get it to a full Racing Spec .

also dose anyone know if the GTB2 ( 2wd chassis ) Will be comping out soon . as carisma are still very quiet about it.

or dose anyone know if there will ever be a Full racing spec GTB ever ?
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Old 12-02-2017
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Default Gtb v emb

Out the box i believe the EMB1 is the better value. It comes with gear diffs, servo and other parts as standard. To make the gtb a competative racer you need to buy a few extras such as gear diffs, cvd's , weight kit, upgraded slipper and lay shaft etc
I think the parts are cheaper for the emb aswell.
You can pick up some well spec'd gtb's at the moment. Seen a couple on ebay between 150 & 200 and they are great little cars.
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