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Old 03-04-2010
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Default Digital scales and weight distribution

Hi, are there any tutorials online for balancing RC cars e.g. correcting left-right weight distribution with digital scales and lead weights? Thanks
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Old 09-04-2010
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In all honesty over the years it has been pushed around the table about correct balance etc.

On an Engineering level yep they would say that it should be an equal balance on each corner of weight, in other words the car should weight exactly the same on each tyre. However, you have to then factor in setting up the shocks all exactly the same etc etc.

If your not giong to be to anal about it and just want to get as close to balanced as you can then you could use a very basic set of drawing pins glued to a piece of glass. Glass is inherently flat, and the pins as long as you glue then 90 degree up from the glass will be ideal. You then have to place the centre line of the car over these and you can then set left/right balance and front/back balance. Bare in mind though, you may put weight on to the car to balance one way, that outbalances the other, so it will take a bit of fiddling, manouvering etc.

Little bit more accurate though would be to use 4 mini digital scales. You can buy these from companies specific for Rc racing, but in honesty they are simply just everyday digi scales, so you can buy them cheaper. Pop them all on a flat table and make sure the centre of the tyre is on the centre of the scale. Now its a case of setting weights out to balance the car, but as above you wil need to move them around to get the correct balance.

Now, before you do any of the above, you also need to ensure that the car isnt suffering tweek. Your going to have to ensure that each corner has an equal stance before balancing.

Me personally though, I never balanced a car in my life, i've likely driven them with tweek, and still hit A finals. Go figure !
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Old 10-04-2010
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Default Weight balance

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