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Old 30-04-2010
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Default BRCA TC Nationals - likely motor choice?

Anyone on here doing BRCA nationals (or any outdoor modified racing) and have a good idea of the sort of wind to run with LiPo?

I'm thinking 5.5 for someone with moderate skills (like myself)... how does that sound?
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Old 06-05-2010
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yeah a 5.0 or 5.5 motor will be suitable, but it won't have the rip and top end that you might want.
At btcc mendip last week I ran a 4.0 and probably felt it could do with a few more ponies.

Gearing wise. On a 4.0 I was on 8.2, a 4.5 i'd say about 7.8, so with a 5.5 yourll be looking in the high 6's for start ratio for mendip (assuming your on LRP/Nosram esc..)

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Old 06-05-2010
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Most the top boys are on 7.0t Deltas, or 3.5's at the mo is seems, did hear rumours of 3.0t's/6.0tD's going around... That kinda supports Luke's comment above

Honestly the speeds are properly impressive...whats more crazy is that the cars are suprisingly nice to drive, and 10.5 is not far behind speed wise.

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