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Old 08-11-2012
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Originally Posted by NicolasCH View Post
Hi all.
Hi Nick.

A majority of people use 10.5T modified motors, massive power is not required.
Right you are!

More importantly, tires are imposed and are not great for carpet, ..
... there is really no time to chase setups...
Then having an X-6 will be a real advantage. Compared to the B4 and other cars, it's less critical to get the set-up exactly right. In the ballpark will do.

Will there be any point in keeping those hubs and/or the C-hub-shaved-u-brace mods, or should I just use the B44 hubs supplied with the conversion kit?
I'm not even sure the conversion comes with B44 hubs. The full car kit does.
If you liked the C-hub mod on the B4, you'll probably like it on the X-6 as well. It works the same way.

...the E Speed camber links, which are unfortunately out of stock - any alternative to running that?
Yes, Use hole '2' on the bulkhead, shave it down about 1.5mm, and use hole 'B' on the hub. There is hardly any difference. If you've got 'short neck' ball studs, those are 1mm lower already. The AE ones are black, the losi ones are shiny.

3. I was considering the T-Saddle LiPo configuration as the most appropriate. I however currently only have stick packs (heavy 6400mah ones!) and before I buy some saddles (or shorties?), could someone confirm that the T-saddle will bring meaningful advantages over the "standard pack across" configuration? Or I should take it easy and not bother at this stage?
Stick packs work very well. In fact, I find that the T-lipo layout and shorty packs have the weight too central. I feel regular saddle is the best compromise, with stick across a close second. But really, this is a very subtle, 'touchy-feely' kind of set-up adjustment. Takes a good driver to feel the difference. Getting the tires and inserts right is 10 times more important, having springs and damping in the ballpark is next.
If your stick packs are heavy (I use LRP packs, possibly the heaviest out there), you probably won't need to add weight. But if you do, under the ESC is a good place. Aim for between 64.5% and 65% rear weight, I think you'll be close to that already.
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