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Old 26-10-2018
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Default Formula grades

Anyone know if the formula grades have been released for 2019?
Jason Robinson
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Old 26-10-2018
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As we come to the end of another great outdoor season in the North East I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has participated this year. Drivers, mechanics, mothers, camera men (David Michelle Liddle), NE Committee and also the clubs for hosting all of the events which ultimately make it possible.
A big shout out goes to the Series winners Ben Riley and Jamie Chappell and also Tyler Liddler (U13) and Harry Brittain (U16) for being the top of their age category in both 2wd and 4wd so well done to you all and I hope you enjoy your trophies.
Another mention to Tyler for winning the 4wd EOS finals another great milestone and it’s great to have such a fast young competitor in the North East!! Well done to Natalie Rebecca Williams and Ethan Chappell for also making the A final!!
An lastly here are the your F ratings for 2019 if there are any question please email me kashster@gmail.com No one should have dropped more than one grade from last year. Hope you all got what you set out to achieve!! If you’re not on the list below then you are a F5
Peace out!!

Chris Pattinson
Harry Brittain
David Snee
Ben Riley
Chris Green
Tyler William Liddle
Neil Adamson
Richard Coates
Chris Foster
Jim Furniss
Kevin Clyne
Paul Kemp
Charlie Edwards
Peter Craig
Chris Clarke
Kash Khan
James Chappell
Ethan Chappell
Natalie Williams
Neil Hamilton
Robin Calvert
Philip Carrick

Ellis Crossley
Tony Tinkler
Martin Heward
Chris Stewart
Chris Woodhams
Simon Kemp
John Bowman
Stewart Baldridge
Richard Sharpe
Lee Tumilty
David Pack
Stephen Adams
Mark Gudgeon
Ben Simpson
Peter Ellis
Graeme Hunter
John Wilson
Charles Krontiris
Chris Woodhams
Ben Simpson
Archie Bowman
Kev Lane
Ewan Tumilty
Ryan Clarke
Gary Wright
Neal Lewis
Brett Stansfield
Thomas Gill

Lee Willows
Chris Sebok
Scott Tinkler
Stephen Rouse
Barry Williams
Andy Talbot
Andrew Brown
Gordon Irvine
Matt Gill
Matthew Fox
David Gardner
Andy Bulmer
James Sykes
Jason Robinson
Gary Waller
Simon Hudspeth
David Dunn
Lee Willows
Rich Huntrods
Harrison Mulry
Gordon Irvine
John Price
Scott Tinkler
Callum Trewartha
Mal Richardson
Jason Young
Lee Talbot
Kevin Brewer
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