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Old 18-07-2017
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Default Daniel Rowlands AKA DanB4

It is with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye as I write this because on Sunday night the RC world lost another true gentleman, Dan lost his short and private battle with cancer.
He was more than just another member here he was an inspiration to many me especially, he was always at the other end of a message if I needed help or advice (which he gave me so much) and he was always happy and selfless.

I remember my first message with him I was trying to buy some Petes Awesome Products alloy parts he had for sale. He was so helpful and wanted to know what I was putting them on asking for photos to see what I had, I can't believe that was 5 years ago now.

I truely am lost for word about his passing, I'm so upset for the family he has left behind, we've lost a true fanatic but they have lost so much more and my heart goes out to them.

His legacy will go on for me anyway as the driving force for so long to get the Cat re released which he managed after so long pestering Robin Schumacher and showing him that the demand was so big for it.

I am honoured to of known him for the short years I did and to call him a friend I for one will miss you and our long conversations and jokes.

God speed my friend and see you again at the big race track in the sky as we will race together again some day.

My feedback feel free to add anything

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Old 18-07-2017
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Lovely words Peakey. I only met Dan once at the Brett Davis Memorial back in January and was very pleased I did because he was a legend in the Iconic RC fraternity.

A really nice chap to talk to.

Our condolences from the oOple Team to his family and friends.



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Old 18-07-2017
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Never had the pleasure of actually talking to dan but seeing some of his restorations on here they were legendary
a sad loss to rc racing and the vintage fraternity in general , more so his loved ones and family,.
hope full hes chatting with mike reedy, jimmy oople and others we have lost

dave fiddling
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Old 18-07-2017
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Met Dan a few times, up at stonehaven, many years ago, allways had time to chat. Was allways so enthusiastic about rc. Thoughts go to his family.
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Old 18-07-2017
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Never met Dan in person but some of his stuff he did was awesome and from what io heard 1 true legend to the Rc Community

Sending my deepest condolences to Dan;s family xx
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Old 21-07-2017
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Never meet him but think
Local club should have a meeting with all takings going to a cancer charity
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Old 21-07-2017
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Was gutted to hear this, Dan was such a nice guy. I've just bought a Cat XLS to build and shelve since he put so much effort in getting it released.

RIP Dan.
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Old 22-07-2017
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Condolences to Dan's family and all that knew him.

I never met him but had the benefit of his good advice through this forum.
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Old 01-08-2017
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I was hoping he would have been given more time to do some things with his family, and treatment could have postponed his passing for a little more. Heck, a few weeks ago we were talking over email about getting his XLS release kit, that he had with him in the hospital, fitted with electrics, joking about using hospital equipment since he didn't have any electrics there with him. And then silence the next days. I was hoping he was just having a few lesser days, and would bounce back, but his illness had to claim him.

My heartfelt condolences to his family, and others who experience this loss just as if he was family.
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