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Old 23-07-2020
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Default Looking to get back into the hobby, what to buy

Hi all,
I used to race when about 10 years ago, before I moved away for work where there was No race tracks within a reasonable distance. Now there is one local, so I’m wondering what buggy’s folk would recommend? I used to run a team associated b4, but would be looking to go for a 4WD. I’ve had a look around but seem a bit overwhelmed with loads of options. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Old 23-07-2020
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you'll probably hear this reply over and over but it does save you some cash and buying a car you dont enjoy as much:

go to the local club you want to run at and ask which is the best suported car. This will mean you have easy access to parts and insider setup knowledge as these modern cars are quite sensitive in their setup.

i drive an xray xb4 at my club, it is bulletproof but not necessarily quicker than other cars. my club mates have helped me set it up so its easy to drive. Xray is really well supported down south.
i do realise that xrays are expensive though!

PR racing make good competitive cars that are much cheaper in kit form and in parts costs. they are based around an xray copy.

if i'm honest, stick with 2wd, you will find an easier learning curve, more people to race against and the base kit will be cheaper.

hope that helps!
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Old 23-07-2020
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As above see what they race at your local club, have a chat with some of the other drives. As a rule the popular makes are Team Associated, Schumacher, X-Ray, PR Racing, Team Losi Racing, Kyosho & Yokomo.

I would recommend going 2wd rather than 4wd just for easy of maintenance and its by far the most popular class of racing. You might find going 4wd you are racing against some extremely fast drivers, where as 2wd with it having more racers you are more likely to race people around your level.

I got back into the hobby 2 year ago after about 17 years out the game so if you have any questions give me a shout.

Which track is your local one?
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Old 24-07-2020
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As someone who returned last year after 20 years off (am in Huddersfield), I would say the following (some will be helpful lol):

I had never run 2wd in 2000 (only 4wd), but when I returned 2wd seems to be the most populated at club level. So I returned to that (at Batley I see 30-50 2wd vs 5-10 for 4wd at club meets).

So I would say for now return to 2wd, get used to the monster change in electrics (which are nothing like our day!!). When you are comfy with the latest state of the sport and add in a 4wd. This is just my opinion, based on the extra cost of 4wd and the complexity of the cars now (I have a B3 on my shelf infront of me here and my YZ2 is a different animal).

With regards what to buy (this is the unhelpful bit of advice), I would ask around the track to see what people are running. I returned with a B6 as there were a few and it was easier to get setup tips. Have now moved to a Yok as I have a good support network.
The cars (I feel) are all really good quality now and you wont go far wrong with anything, just making sure that getting support/spares are on your list.

As per the guys above any questions pm me as I went through this last year and have learned a little since my return.
Also I am fairly local to you so can help out with advice/you can take a look at my cars/electrics etc..
What is your local track? assuming Batley and MB?
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Old 25-02-2022
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do tires still wear-out as fast as before ? ie 3-5 pacs and you need to change them ?
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