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Old 21-04-2013
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Default Hello again

Hello all.

I was getting into the touring cars at the club back in Nov 2011 but a change in work meant I had to jack it all in as I wasn't in the area when the clubs were on.

Back in the area now and I've given my old gear the dust-off so I think I'll have a pop over tonight to see what's changed. I rushed into it last time so I've scaled everything back to pretty much start from scratch - I also need to get a new transmitter first.

Just to let you know what I'll be running when I can get the new transmitter:

Schumacher MI2
Ezrun 35a ESC
Ezrun 12.5 turn brushless motor (or 12, can't remember)
Lipo 5000mwh batteries

Big question is, what has changed in 18 months in the r/c world?
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Old 21-04-2013
Sumilidon Sumilidon is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 134

Also wondering what the Mardave rules and restrictions are?

Is there a limit on batteries? (1 cell lipo only)
Motor restrictions?
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Old 25-04-2013
petera petera is offline
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Hi re Mardave ie gt12 class.

We encourage everyone to run BRCA G12 class rules. We believe the spirit of the rules is more important than worrying if you're 5 grams underweight etc.
1 cell lipo and 13.5 turn brushless (in blinky) is the norm.

Spares for the Mardaves are available at club.

Not to sure whats happening in the touring car class at the moment, perhaps someone else would like to comment. (2 heats regularly race )

12th scale cars are beginning to make a comeback after disappearing for a year or so. They run exactly the same electrics as the gt12 class so moving between the 2 classes is quite easy and certainly less expensive.

Best thing is to visit the club one Sunday (but not the bank holiday)
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