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Old 23-03-2016
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Default Tamiya M05 Racing

The club has now started running heats for Tamiya M05 cars.

It’s the perfect class to enjoy fun close quarter racing with Tamiya’s simple to tune FWD M-chassis cars. The class motor rules are to be kept simple, this is for budget minded racers and to keep the class fun. Simplicity and budget is accomplished by using a brushed motor and ESC.

About the M-chassis platform:

The Tamiya M-chassis has been around since the mid 1990’s. It has evolved throughout the years while keeping the spirit of its simple design. The cars have simple FWD transmissions with the same maximum final drive ratio: (6.0 final drive with 20T pinion).

M-Chassis Basic features:

2WD, 3-gear transmission
Full independent suspension with oil-filled dampers and springs
Chassis adjustable to 3 different wheelbases to meet body specification.

This is a first draft of the rules but they may change as the class evolves.

Chassis Platform: M03 & M05

Any realistic body is legal

Motor Rules: Only the following motors can be used, Mabuchi RS-540S motor (kit motor), item 7435035, Tamiya 540-J Johnson motor, item 53689 and RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor Item 54358

Tamiya internal gears only.
Battery rules: Nimh or Lipo
Weight: Cars must be a minimum of 1250g
Tyres: Any mini tyre on a 42mm rim (no double inserts or foam tyres)
Ride Height: 4.5mm minimum
If you are interested in running this class please contact me for more information.
Simon (f888fhw@gmail.com)

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