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Default Iconic RC Revival 2017

Am proud to announce the details for this years Revival meeting

Revival 2017 is a vintage racing festival for the Parkinson’s UK charity and will take place across the weekend of
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of July at A1 Racing Club in Grantham, South Lincolnshire.

Buggy Classes

2WD Electric 1:10 Buggies

1977 to 1983
1984 to 1988
1989 to 1993
1994 to 1998

4WD Electric 1:10 Buggies

1984 to 1988
1989 to 1993
1994 to 1998

Support Classes

Monster Truck Race
Endurance Race
Wheelie fun race

Entry fees

Proceeds from the event’s entry fees will go to Parkinson’s UK along with the fundraising from a number of
initiatives including raffles and online competitions.
£6 per buggy class to be paid online at entry with PayPal.
£2 per entry for the Monster Truck Support Race to be paid online at entry with PayPal.
£12 per Endurance Race team to be paid online at entry with PayPal.
£2 for the Wheelie fun race to be paid with cash at the event.
£2 per concourse entry to be paid with cash at the event.

Online entry will open on the Revival 2017 website in due course. We will provide plenty of advanced warning:

The Just Giving Page for donations is:

Provisional Schedule


12:00 Gates open for free practice on the track in reverse

Saturday Morning

07:00 Gates open for Booking in
08:00 2WD Practice
Photo call and Concourse
Drivers Briefing
2WD Round 1
2WD Round 2
Saturday Afternoon
2WD Round 3
2WD Round 4
Raffle Draw
Wheelie Fun Race
2WD Finals
2WD Race of Champions
Saturday Evening
Endurance Race

Throughout the day on Saturday

Charity Raffle and Tombola

Sunday Morning

07:00 Gates open for Booking in
08:00 4WD Practice
Photo call and Concourse
Drivers Briefing
4WD Round 1
4WD Round 2
Sunday Afternoon
4WD Round 3
4WD Round 4
Raffle Draw
Monster Truck Race
4WD Finals
4WD Race of Champions
Throughout the day on Sunday
Charity Raffle and Tombola

Eligible Buggies

The following buggy lists are to guide participants when entering the Revival. The lists aren’t exhaustive so if you
don’t see a buggy you’d like to run or have a general query, please contact [URL="john@iconicrc.com"]or ask the question
on the Iconic Facebook Group: [URL="https://www.facebook.com/groups/iconicrc/"]Mis-entered buggies will be placed
into the correct class. Revival entries must be made online at http://revival.a1racingclub.com/

Re-released buggies, such as the recent models from Tamiya, Team Associated and Kyosho are eligible in their
original release category. Please note that the Tamiya DT-02 Holiday Buggy 2010 and Sand Rover 2011 are not
eligible because they have a modern chassis base. A huge thank you to Terry Cresswell for his help in compiling the
buggy lists.

2WD Saturday

4WD Sunday – (2WD buggies cannot be used on 4WD Sunday.)

Saturday Wheelie Race for Fun

A 5 minute random grid start race with no timing and no trophies and just for fun.
Tamiya, Marui and Schumacher 1:12/1:10 Wheelie Stunt Vehicles. Vintage and modern.
Wild Willy, Willy’s Wheeler, Pajero, Lunchbox, Midnight Pumpkin, Wild Willy 2, VW Bus, Montero, Jimny,
Farm King, Unimog, Tumbling Bull, Land Cruiser, Kumamon Tractor, Honda City Turbo.
Toyota Land Cruiser Super Wheelie, CJ-7 Golden Eagle Super Wheelie.

Saturday Evening Endurance Race
Please refer to the Revival Endurance section later in this document for eligible buggies and rules for
Saturday evening’s team endurance race.

Sunday Monster Truck Race

A 9 lap timed race for 1:10 Monster Trucks up to 1998. Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Tamiya Blackfoot, Monster Beetle, Clod Buster, Mud Blaster, Bullhead, Bush Devil, Super Blackfoot, King
Blackfoot and equivalents from other manufacturers.
Stadium Trucks and Truggies are not eligible.



2WD Champion
2WD Runner Up
2WD 3rd Place
2WD 4th Place
2WD 5th Place
2WD 6th Place
2WD 7th Place
2WD 8th Place
Top Qualifier 1977-1983 2WD
Top Qualifier 1984-1988 2WD
Top Qualifier 1989-1993 2WD
Top Qualifier 1994-1998 2WD
1st, 2nd, 3rd 1977-1983 2WD per final
1st, 2nd, 3rd 1984-1988 2WD per final
1st, 2nd, 3rd 1989-1993 2WD per final
1st, 2nd, 3rd 1994-1998 2WD per final
1st, 2nd, 3rd Endurance Open Class
1st, 2nd, 3rd Endurance Mad Bull Class
Concourse 2WD Buggy, Concourse Wheelie
Icon of the Day
The Brett Davis Newcomer Award


4WD Champion
4WD Runner Up
4WD 3rd Place
4WD 4th Place
4WD 5th Place
4WD 6th Place
Top Qualifier 1977-1988 4WD
Top Qualifier 1989-1993 4WD
Top Qualifier 1994-1998 4WD
1st, 2nd, 3rd 1977-1988 4WD per final
1st, 2nd, 3rd 1989-1993 4WD per final
1st, 2nd, 3rd 1994-1998 4WD per final
1st, 2nd, 3rd Monster Truck
Concourse 4WD Buggy, Concourse Monster Truck
Icon of the Day
The Brett Davis Newcomer Award
Revival Veteran 2017

Event Information


BRCA membership is a requirement. The Licence costs £20 per annum and runs from December to December. It can
be purchased online from: https://www.brca.org/

When you arrive

Please visit race control and book in when you arrive at the track. The booking in process should be swift but please
be prepared to queue. Please ask questions while you’re in the queue. There will be people around to answer them.
For booking in we just need to know you’re here.

Qualifying Heats

There will be one practice round in heat order.
There will then be 4 Rounds of 5 minute Qualifying Heats for each class. Busy classes will be split into 2 or 3 separate
heats based upon the ability grade stated at online registration.
Each Heat is a staggered start format so buggies will start 1.5 seconds apart and it is all about completing as many
laps as possible in those 5 minutes. The transponder system will record the exact time and laps over the 5 minutes.
Please look at the board outside the control hut to see which Heat you’re in and make a note of your buggy number.
The computer system will call out the buggy numbers for the staggered start so it’s important that you know your
number and you start as soon as you hear your number called out. At the beginning of each Heat the buggies line up
in front of the transponder line. You will keep the same buggy number throughout the Heats. The order in which
Buggies start is determined by the previous heat results. Quickest buggy starts first.
Make a note of who is in the heat before you and be ready while that Heat is running. Get used to the faces up on
the Rostrum. That’s the best way to know when you’re due up.
When your heat is finished the computer system will call out your buggy number and say “Finished”. Keep going
until you hear this. If you get confused, ask your fellow racers on the rostrum.
You must stay around after your Heat to marshal the next Heat.


The driver’s best 2 heat times out of the 4 will determine grid position in the final. There may be A, B, C etc finals per
class depending on entry levels. The finals will run in order, A then B then C etc. This is to allow the A final winner
and runner up time to prepare for the Race of Champions.

Race of Champions

The top 2 drivers from each A final enter into the prestigious Race of Champions. This will see all classes fighting it
out on track at the same time with separate starting grids around the track based on the class age. The winner of
the Race of Champions is crowned the event champion.


All drivers must Marshall the heat immediately after their own heat.
When you finish your heat, place your Buggy on the table next to the rostrum and go straight out onto the track to
your Marshall’s post and put on the supplied high visibility vest. Marshal posts will be numbered and you should go
to the marshal point with the same number as your car.
Marshals should stay at their marshalling points at all times during the race period. If a car is need of assistance only
enter the track when it is safe to do so, and when the car has been recovered get back to your marshal point as soon
as possible but making sure that it is safe to cross the track. Please refrain from fixing cars at the side of the track;
you are there to marshal only. Stay vigilant, stay alert and stay safe.
Drivers must not hit the throttle until the Marshall has stepped away.

Support Races

The one-off Monster Truck race on Sunday is a random grid start and the winner will be the driver first to complete 9
laps. If you have any completely battered and beyond hope Lexan Shells, please bring them along for the race!
Thanks in advance. Due to the potential high number of entries, GHz radio is recommended.
On Saturday there will be a Wheelie race just for fun with no timing and no trophies. Entry is £2 cash on the day. All
entry money goes into the charity pot.

Endurance Race

Please refer to the Revival Endurance Race details later in this document for eligible buggies and rules for Saturday
evening’s team endurance race.

Concours d’elegance

Concourse is £2 cash per entry, to be paid on the day and will be judged at the photo call just before the drivers
Saturday: Any eligible 2WD Buggy & Wheelie.
Sunday: Any eligible 4WD Buggy & Monster Truck.

Motors and Speed Controllers

There are no restrictions on motors and speed controllers


There is a 2s LiPo limit for the event. You will need to provide your own source of power for recharging of batteries.
Generators may be used but please try to ensure to position them so they are out of harm’s way and so they are not
an annoyance to other people attending the meeting.
Please charge LiPo’s in a fire sack.


Please consider using GHz radio for an easier day.
If you are running MHz radio, please state which crystals you have when you register online so they can be put into
the race computer. Just state the colour or number of the crystals that you have e.g. Red, 915 etc. When you race
you will be allocated a specific crystal for that heat so it is important that A1 have your crystal details in advance.


If you don’t have a PT (Personal Transponder) there will be Hand out Transponders provided on the day. These need
to be securely fitted into your vehicle but need to be quickly removed because they have to be handed back to race
control after each heat. Hand out Transponders have their own battery and can be secured through the body shell
as they have a body shell style mount. If you don't want to put a hole through the buggy body, you'll need to find a
way to secure them very temporarily without sticking them. So find a way to make use of the body mount hole or
cable tie them etc. This is what they look like alongside another idea for securing them to the chassis.

Dimensions: AMBrc Rechargeable Transponder
Dimensions : 35 x 31 x 12 mm (approx. 1.4”x1.2”x 0.5”) Weight : 22 g
Making sure you can accommodate the Hand-out Transponders in your vehicle is very important so please consider
this prior to the event to save you time/panic on the day. If you’d rather purchase your own PT, they are in excess of
£30 each and are smaller and powered from the receiver.

Charity Raffle

There will be a Saturday raffle and a Sunday raffle with some incredible prizes donated by sponsors and members.
Raffle tickets will be £5.

Charity Tombola

There will be the opportunity to win RC prizes on the Charity Tombola.

Icon of the Day Award

This award will go to the most stand-out or unique buggy racing on each day.

The Brett Davis Newcomer Award

This special trophy will be presented on each day to who we feel made the best Revival debut.

Revival Veteran Award

This award, presented on Sunday, will go to an entrant who has made a notable contribution to the Revivals over the

Endurance Race

A 2 hour endurance race on the Revival Saturday evening, 29th July, from approximately 18:30. The start will be Lemans
style with cars lined up along the side of the main straight. Each team will have a runner standing on the
opposite side of the track. After a ten second countdown, on the warble a designated runner will run across to the
car and turn it onto its wheels and then the driver may get underway. The winner of the race will be the team who
have completed the most laps during the race’s duration.

Endurance Teams

Minimum of 3 drivers per team
Maximum of 5 drivers per team
Maximum of 13 teams

Endurance Entry Fee

£12 per team, to be paid online when booking in opens

Endurance Open Class

Any eligible 2WD Buggy from the Revival 2WD racing
No restrictions

Endurance Mad Bull Class

Tamiya Mad Bull, model 58205
Control Motor: HPI Firebolt 15 Turn Brushed
Metal Bearings may be installed
Kit Tyre or Tamiya 54604 Spiked Tyre
No other modifications from stock build

Endurance General Rules

No fully complete cars as backup. Cars may be stripped into complete corners, complete gear boxes,
completed front bulkheads etc. Spares must be presented to scrutineers before the race to deem legality
One car per team. The car that starts the race must be the one that completes the race
Battery changes and car repairs only done in pit lane on table under race control
ESC electronic speed controllers only. No mechanical speed controllers.
Teams must have one marshal at all times on their point even if the team car is not circulating. Marshals
must marshal their area efficiently, no favouritism. Bad marshalling will receive a penalty for the team
Cars can only be driven from the rostrum, by a team member
Drivers must be courteous and drive to their abilities. Penalties will be issued for take outs, corner cutting
and intentionally holding up other drivers. Contact with other cars should be avoided at all times
All members of the team must drive at least once
Only team members may work on the cars. (helping out another team is fine!)

Onsite Camping

Free onsite camping is available from Friday Midday to Sunday’s event close. If you wish to camp you must register
with John Weston for a place. Contact John on Facebook or email john@iconicrc.com

The A1 Site will be open for campers from 18:00 on Friday and the gates will be locked at 21:30. Gates re-open at
07:00 on Saturday.
All campers must park up in the designated camping area which is immediately to the left as you enter the club. The
area of ground is directly across the track as you look from the rostrum. Any campers setting up outside of this area
will be asked to move. Please setup as compactly as possible as we’re expecting the site to fill up with attendees
over the weekend.
There is no onsite security and the club is in open farmland so please do not exit the site and leave your equipment
unattended. It will be pitch black after darkness so please bring adequate lighting and torches.
Campers must register with John Weston
Gates are open from 12:00 to 21:30 on Friday
A1 club representatives will be onsite to supervise campers
Please setup compactly
Do not leave your equipment unattended
No power
No lighting
No running water
Dogs must be kept on a lead
Campers must not stray onto the adjacent Moto Cross site
Campers must not use the Moto Cross site toilets
Tidy up after dogs and take all rubbish away with you

Useful information

There will be a Burger Van on site serving hot drinks, hot food and snacks.
The A1 Services & Grantham A1 Travelodge are a 1 minute drive from the Track.

There are Portaloos on site.
The track must only be used for the scheduled racing. The track surface itself will be closed on Friday and
immediately after the Endurance Race on Saturday night.
Recommended hotels that are near to the venue:

Grantham A1 Travelodge: http://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/1...ntham-A1-hotel

Colsterworth Travelodge: http://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/1...terworth-hotel

Grantham Premier Inn: http://www.premierinn.com/en/hotel/GRABRE/grantham

The Kings Hotel, Grantham: http://www.thekingshotel.com/

For attendees arriving on the Friday, there will be a get together in the evening in Grantham. A number of entrants
will be meeting at the Wetherspoons Pub in town. The Tollemache Inn is 3.7 Miles (10 minute cab) from the A1

Keep an eye on the Facebook Event for late breaking info:

A Map from the Services to the Track. Follow the red dots.

Very much looking forward to seeing everyone again for another fantastic weekend of vintage awesomeness

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Does the venue have a postcode can't see to seem one on the website
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Copy and paste this in to google:

Website: https://bmrrc.wordpress.com

Schumacher Laydown, Tekno eb410, Rc10 Team, SST 98 Rally Car and TT02 Rally car #71 #deaddogracing #tekno

Autocare, unit 5 candleby Court, Cotgrave NG123RT.
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It doesn't have a postcode, but the postcode for the Travelodge shown on the map is NG32 2AB.
Visit my showroom
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cant wait !!

just hope get to get in fantastic weekend last year

thanks team
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Our sponsors for Revival 2017. If you'd like to sponsor the event, please contact me. Thank you. John

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Guys John, me or peakey will publish the online link at 09:00 on Sunday 5th March. This year's entry system is brand new. You'll complete the entry and put backup classes in (if you wish to). Your entry will be confirmed if the details look ok and you will be invoiced to pay with PayPal. Only when you've paid will you be entered. Please make sure you have a valid BRCA number when you enter (or overseas equivalent) otherwise your entry will not be accepted and you won't be invoiced. A reminder that we've reduced the entry limit this year to give everyone easier days. You can enter a maximum of 2 buggy classes per day.

Due to the high amount of entries expected it may be a couple of days before you receive your request to pay emails so please be patient
Any questions please drop me a message & i will do my best to answer asap
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Old 23-02-2017
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This year I will be there with a Super Astute! I've even set a reminder on my phone for the registration opening
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Old 04-03-2017
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Booking in opens at 9am tomorrow morning everyone

A quick word from John & Rob
I'll post 3x links tomorrow morning. 1x for 2WD Saturday and 1x for 4WD Sunday (including the Monster Truck Race) and 1x for the Endurance Race. There is no registration and the forms are quick and painless and mobile friendly. Once entered, details will be checked and you will be invoiced in a few days. There will be an online drivers list but only when you've paid will you be officially entered. Please make sure you enter with a valid BRCA otherwise you won't be invoiced.
We are capping every class this year and there are much less places up for grabs compared to last year. If you decide to put a backup class in you'll have a better chance of getting entered. Thanks all. John & Rob.
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Old 05-03-2017
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2WD Saturday Entry Form:https://goo.gl/forms/ZRjBzlDddzDFLykv2

4WD Sunday Entry Form:https://goo.gl/forms/5wPYh7NH2jt9vQ6j2

Endurance Race Entry Form:https://goo.gl/forms/7Uqs0qhbzZnV30yF3

Good luck everyone
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Amazing response, 2wd full, 4wd nearly full

Revival 2017 Driver Lists.

You'll note that backup classes were needed for some in 2WD and I'm sorry for the guys who ended up on the reserve lists. 4WD is almost full now too. If you have a query based on the lists, PM me and I'll answer as soon as I can. Drivers on the lists will be invoiced in the coming days. Please bear with us while we sort that out. Thanks all. John and Rob.



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For those on reserve, you'll get an email today. For those on the lists, you'll be invoiced shortly. Thanks to all who entered and I truly hope the reserves eventually make it to the event.

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