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Old 30-07-2018
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Default Round 5 Southport Race Report and Results

Round 5 saw our return to the first track ever to agree an oOple Series round five years ago and that was Southport!

The Southport track has evolved over the years from a multisurface track to the 95% astro track it is today with some new for 2018 features such as the big step up step down jump in the middle of the track and the now astro covered cobbled horse shoe corner.

The team arrived a bit late to the track on Friday evening and there were plenty of racers already pitched up with tents, caravans, campers etc enjoying the nice weather. One wasp sting later and we were all set up ready for practice on Saturday morning.

The weather for Saturday was forecasted to be pretty much anything from sunshine to rain to thunderstorms and anything in between.

What actually happened was that it was mainly dry and sunny all day with the odd spot of light rain for the odd heat but the sun was shining so strongly it quickly dried as the rain hit the track so nobody was unduly hampered.

The team decided to run an extra round on Saturday and this was to prove crucial as it meant the meeting was declared official and results could be decided.

Unfortunately the weather was forecasted to be wet on Sunday and indeed in reality was a lot worse on as we awoke to heavy persistant rain which caused large puddles on the track meaning the meeting could not continue.

So, the results were declared on qualifying and the results are below:


A Final - Chris Evison
B Final - Matt Guppy
C Final - Aidan Burke
D Final Charlie Saunders
E Final - Terry Fensom
F Final - William Hodgekinson
G Final - Colin Kirkham


A Final - Kev Lee
B Final - Mark Thornewill

Truck 2WD:

A Final - Mark Broklebank

Truck 4WD:

A Final - Damian Whittle

Of course this was the end of the 2018 oOple Off Road Open Series so we had some big pit boards to give out as trophies, kindly supplied by Gareth Hartley.



1st Chris Evison - PR
2nd Ian Joyner - Schumacher
3rd Tony Parr - Associated


1st Andy Woods - Schumacher
2nd Stephen Lawson - Associated
3rd Chris Ely - Tekno


1st Colin Kirkham - Xray
2nd Oliver Kirkham - Xray
3rd Mark Broklebank - PR


1st Damian Whittle - TLR SCTE 3.0
2nd Neil Burdess - TLR SCTE 3.0
3rd Dave Madson - Durango.

BIG THANKS to all the clubs, officials and drivers that have supported the Series in 2018!

Massive Thanks to all the oOple Team who help set up and run the meetings.

Special mention to my wife Alex who puts up with me on a daily basis and lets me play with toy cars!

Finally, Jimmy, if you are watching, I hope it's what you envisioned, a clubmans National Series with hardly any rules and most of all massive FUN!

Roll on 2019!!

Full Results and End Of Year Championship Results are below:

oOoo's Southport Qualifying Results.pdf

oOoo's Southport Overalls.pdf

oOoo's 2018 Championship After 5 Rounds.pdf


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Old 30-07-2018
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Top weekend oOple crew!! Lost my oOple virginity this weekend and even though we only managed one day (thanks to mother nature, who on Sunday was an utter b**ch) it was ace. I'll see you in 2019 for the full series. Cheers ladies and gents!
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Old 30-07-2018
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Default southport

A huge thanks to all of the Oople crew and Southport club, Saturday was probably the most fun racing I have had for a while, really enjoyed it. Even though mother nature rained off the finals it was still worth the 8 hour round trip.
I hope to do more Oople meetings next year as this is what toy car racing should be like, more fun banter and less toys being thrown out of prams .

Jimmy your legacy lives on!!!
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Old 02-08-2018
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Many thanks to all the Oople crew and clubs, I really enjoyed the series.
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