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Old 13-11-2009
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Originally Posted by DoughtyUK.net View Post
BomberMan!!! OMG what a classic!

me and 4 friends from school spent hours playing that 4-way on the SNES

Steve - check out www.iracing.com
if you like the look of it, register for a free 30 day trial at http://www.radicalmotorsport.com/racing/virtual-racing and you get to play in the Radical SR8

I Racing is really good - I did the 30 day trial and loved it but couldn't really justify the cost of carrying it on since I wouldn't get enough use out of it. I think the prices have come down a bit since then tho.
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Old 13-11-2009
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still $100 for a years subscription though....
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Old 13-11-2009
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I dont really do much gaming these days, was a hardcore CS player for quite a number of years and did a fair bit of sim racing too.

Favourite sim has to be Richard Burns Rally <3.
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Old 13-11-2009
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All about the PC Games!

Counter-strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Trackmania Nations forever are my main 3!
Trackmania nations forever is awesome if you guys haven't played that, good work on the LFS players too
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Old 14-11-2009
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i've never ever played a proper game on my PC, i've always kept gaming to consoles
but now i'm going Mac i guess i'll never play games on my computer
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Old 14-12-2009
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Originally Posted by Rich D View Post
Nice Paul - i was a hardcore CSS gamer with about 1800 hours on XFire

Moved on to Live For speed and then RFactor on the G25

Retired from gaming after i overcame the addiction
I had 180hours on tf2 in 2weeks, then my gaming laptop died and the hard drive is £60 ps3 tomorrow guys
~Carl Davis

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Old 05-05-2011
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I play everquest 2 raid 6 nights a week in a euro guild well if Sony. Ever comes back up ..........zerekers ftw
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Old 13-05-2011
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Some serious old clasics mentioned on here that i had forgotten about used to love playing paperboy epic and adictive, Bomber man class game, have owned Commodore 64, mega drive, sega Saturn(best console ever!), PS1/2 &3, mostly play Black Ops online when the network gets back on line, group of about 10 of us when we get together we don't lose much we all had an all day and night session one weekend and ended up with a 32 game win streak, some good banter there!
Must admit prefer FSP Shooters too driving games on the PS3, as played some of the newer racing games and set up a lap plus lead but as you enter the last couple of laps the field have suddenly caught you up even though you haven't slowed down and are putting in consistent lap times!
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Old 29-01-2013
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(Get yourself that Left 4 Dead 2 demo downloaded paul - its ace. It makes you wish there were such things as Zombies in real life.)

Been out on the streets lately ? i,ve seen more than a few zombies
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