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Old 24-05-2015
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Thank you for the practice night on 13/5/15, it was my second visit to the track and I must say that I enjoyed it a lot more than my first visit last year. On my first visit I left feeling disappointed in myself after struggling to keep my car on the track, I think my previous experience of bashing and doing donuts on the street had given me false confidence, which I quickly realised was unfounded!!! This time I felt that I did considerably better keeping myself on the track and hitting the jumps more consistently. Towards the end of the session I started to struggle again which I put down to being tiered, when I got home I looked over my cougar and found,

I must have bent it in one of my many tumbles! I replaced the turnbuckle today and checked the camber on all the wheels - which I've never checked before, they were all 5 to 10 degrees negative, in the manual it suggests starting at around 1degree negative, so I've adjusted them all, I'm looking forward to coming again and seeing what difference it will make on the track!
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