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Old 11-12-2018
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Default 2018 AGM

Last night was the Mid East AGM. Notes and outcomes from the meeting are as follows:

Mid East Offroad AGM - 10/12/2018

End of 2018 season report by Eugene Galley – Generally a good season with some clubs reporting higher numbers than the previous year and some lower, most notably the RHR weekend. The reasons for this were the football world cup and the extreme hot weather. Generally numbers are down slightly on other regions which will be a focus for 2019.

Treasurer’s report by Eugene Galley – There was spend this year on new championship trophies which sets the region up for the foreseeable future. BBK licence, lap top, website etc. are all paid up. Current balance at £213.
Eugene was thanked for looking after the series over the last few years and will step down as regional rep.

Election of committee roles
Roles to fill:
Regional Rep – Shaun Thompson
Vice Regional Rep – None offered. Should the regional rep not be present at any particular round, the hosting club’s rep will cover any issues.
Treasurer – Paul Nutten
Public Relations Officer (PRO) – Darren Wells
Website Administrator – Lee Hewson (Rob Jaques to pass over details for the website and also be congratulated on a great job to date)
Driver’s Rep – Simon Smith
Club Rep’s – A1 Raceway (Chris Spendlove), BMR (Dave Dodd), Broxtowe (Andy Hicklin), RHR (Eugene Galley), West Bridgford (Paul Nutten)
Chief Scrutineer – Richard Spray

2019 Dates and Venues:
April 14th 4wd Round 1 – BMR
April 27th 4wd Round 2 – RHR
April 28th 2wd Round 1 – RHR
May 19th 2wd Round 2 – WBMCC
June 2nd 4wd Round 3 – WBMCC
June 22nd 2wd Round 3 – BMCC
June 23rd 4wd Round 4 – BMCC
July 21st 2wd Round 4 – BMR
August 18th 2wd Round 5 – A1 Raceway
September 15th 4wd Round 5 – A1 Raceway *TBC

2019 Support Class – In the past, the region has had vintage, trucks and the opposite type buggy to the event being run (i.e. 4wd open class at 2wd regional event) and after initial interest, the numbers have dropped to the point of not being able to hold a heat. Although the rally class is proving popular at the winter series, some of the competitors running this class would run buggies at the summer regionals leaving numbers potentially low. It was then suggested that the open class be used as a vehicle to encourage young and/or new racers to the regionals without the pressure of competing at a higher level than they are used to and without the need to run to a stricter set of rules than at a club event. Essentially the open class will be just that, a “run what you brung” heat (or heats) designed to give people a taster of a bigger meeting. There will be no championship points or trophies on offer for the open class. When booking in for this event there will a box to describe the car being raced (for example 2wd buggy or shortcourse truck) which will help the organizing club sort out heats if there are multiple entries.

2019 Tyre rules – There is a reoccurring perception that many sets of tyres are required to run competitively at our regional events meaning potential large expense for drivers. Last year, the types of tyre allowed at regional events was tightened to give less options. This goes against the rules set at National level which only restrict the rear tyres. However it was felt that the current controls for the 4wd front tyres helped to reduce costs whilst still giving a broad range of options for both the novice and experienced racer. A discussion took place on the potential to restrict the number of sets used, with the Worksop model shown to work well for that series. This was backed up by a poll on the Me-Or facebook page where 72% of people would like to see a restriction on number of sets. In principle this is a great idea but the problem comes in trying to administrate and police the rules. It would need a dedicated person at each event who wasn’t racing who’s sole job was tyre allocation, marking and inspecting and, unfortunately, the region doesn’t have that resource. It was therefore voted that the tyre rules stay as per 2018. These are:
Rears Schumacher Dart or Ballistic Buggy Spike (any compound)
2wd Front Open choice
4wd Driven Front controlled to either Schumacher Cut Stagger (Either wide or narrow), 4wd Dart or Ballistic Buggy 4wd Spike (any compound)

2019 Race fees – Race fees to increase from £10 to £12 per adult entry, junior entries to be free of charge. This brings the region in line with National events and helps our region support junior racers who are the future of the hobby. The slight increase in adult fees will cover the cost of the junior fees and will, hopefully, lead to an increase in overall numbers. £12 per adult entry is also in line with various winter series such as the Buggy Blitz and Worksop Masters. These fees also apply to the open class.


Whilst on the subject of fees, it was proposed that the current £1 per adult entry being paid by clubs to the region to cover costs should be increased to £2 per adult entry. This would put more money in the regional kitty to help improve the series over the coming years. With the increase in race fees proposed above, in theory, the clubs should be no worse off. This was unanimously voted in by those present.

Pre-booking was discussed with a proposal to look at pre-payment as well as the option to pre-book and pre-pay for the entire series. It was felt that the current system of being able to pre-book from 2 weeks prior to each event worked well as clubs could monitor entries and book things like catering and toilets accordingly. It was decided to keep the system of cash payment on the day.

Thanks to all those that attended and contributed
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