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Old 26-01-2018
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Default HPI F10 for BRCA F1?

Hi folks,

I'm considering starting RC racing again after a few years break (some Tamiya Mini racing 5 years ago, and and Kyosho ZX-R back in the 90s) and I'm interested in doing some F1 racing as I have an unbuilt HPI F10. Is it possible to make these legal for the BRCA F1 series? From my initial reading, looks like getting the control tyres to fit is one issue.

thanks in advance
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Old 31-01-2018
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Hi tainly,

Javier from the BRCA F1 committee speaking. Yes, you can race the HPI if you are able to fit the control tires.
That seems not be an easy task. You can fit a formula 1 rear diff on that car as the shaft bearings are imperial, so you can use a VBC, Asso, Xray, Yokomo, Roche, Fenix….
For the front of the car you will need to replace the front knuckles for ones that allow you to mount the f1 wheel bearings on the axle. Tamiya reinforced ones (Tamiya #53259) are a cheap and reasonable option.
The bigger issue seems to be the rear axle as this car has 12mm hex wheels as TC cars but F1 has now 14mm on the rear.

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