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Default Yokomo Dogfightet YZ-834b "Yo-clone-oh" parts for sale

This is a parts and prices list of the Yo-Clone-Oh with a list of options and explanations , this is still under development in some areas so more will be added as its ready . I started this to simply supply parts for my own use but the list of parts grew steadily until i felt that completing it was possible .

To begin with here is a quick explanation of the materials used and recommendation of what to expect from them .

This is a cheaply sourced and common 3D printing material , there will be very little that is recommended for a car that can be run to be made of PLA but you can choose it for static models (shelf queens) , it is a very hard , stiff material but brittle on impact , its made from starch from natural sources and biodegradable so a very green option ecologically . So why would you want any part made from PLA ? Well it is available in a huge variety of colours , even transparent or metallic ! For a display piece it could be an interesting choice , I'm happy to print in any variety or colour of PLA that you choose providing you cover the cost of the material .

ABS is a material that most of us are familiar with , both stronger and more impact resistant than PLA , there are parts that can be made from ABS on a car that can be driven , it also has the possibility of the closest surface finish to the original parts , the finish of most 3D printed parts is instantly recognizable because of its layered finish but ABS can have this layered finish reduced dramatically by a process called vapor smoothing where the parts are left in a tank of Acetone vapor , the vapor partially dissolves the surface of the parts leveling the layered finish, the down side is that crisp edges are often lost , it also slightly improves the strength of the part , the ABS parts will be offered as printed or vapor smoothed at a small extra cost.
Below is a comparison picture of an ABS part in the foreground that has been vapor smoothed and a CF Nylon part behind .

Again nylon is a familiar plastic to many , its slightly more flexible and very impact resistant , this will be one of the highly recommended materials for a running car , currently only in a opaque white but I'm looking into the dying process and hope to offer at least a black option as well.

CF Nylon
This is a nylon that is mixed with chopped Carbon Fiber , much stiffer than regular nylon and with the same impact resistance , its recommended as the backbone material for a car that is to be run and raced . Another thing to note about CF Nylon is its surface finish , layer lines are less obvious as the surface has an almost flocked nature , it has a very attractive finish with very crisp edges , parts do look quite different in finish to genuine parts though.

Default Materials
Parts will be printed by default in the material that I recommend as most robust for each part , in most cases this will be CF Nylon or plain nylon and some ABS , if you require a particular material please state this , all parts can be made in Black ABS ,Yellow ABS , CF Nylon ( black) or plain Nylon ( a translucent white , in the near future I will run tests on dying other colours) at the stated prices below , if you require other colours or other materials then I'm able help but this will often mean you cover the additional cost of a roll of that material .
I'm currently using Esun EPA Nylon , Esun EPA-CF Nylon ( carbon fibre nylon) and generic ABS , Again if you require a particular manufacturer of filament then this can also be done at additional cost .

There will be many options often for the same part both in material and design , some parts were suitable in design to be made on a 3D printer and be strong enough , others required modification to be made strong enough .
Some parts are intended for use with original parts and others are for use with more easily found parts , an example is the chain sprockets , the original chain is very hard to find and expensive , the chain used in Kyosho cars is easily found but a different pitch so i have an optional set of sprockets that are compatible with the Kyosho chain.
I intend to show pictures and give descriptions of all the options and include part numbers for the more easily found non original parts that they are intended to be used with where applicable.

As previously mentioned 3D printed parts have a layered finish of parallel lines due the the manufacturing process being built up in layers , part of the process also involves using easily removed support material ,this is needed as you cannot print into thin air , think of it like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube , it needs a surface to lay on so overhanging parts need this support material , the down side is that when the support is removed there is often an area of less attractive surface finish, this is an unavoidable part of the process and although I've done my best to keep it in areas that are hard to see it will be present .Below is a picture of the Top Deck firstly as its printed with the support material attached then with it removed and lastly the underside finish where the support has been removed .

Part No
1 Steering Knuckle

This is a copy of the original with slightly longer threaded sections for the king pin set screws , this part is OK for light use on a running car when printed in plain nylon or cf nylon but may fail in rough use .
X2 £8

1A Steering Knuckle
This part has a significantly reinforced arm for the track rod mount and is designed for M3 ball studs to self tap into

X2 £8

2 C Hub
This is a heavily modified design for additional Strength and to make it suitable for 3D printing , this part i recommend only in plain nylon if the car is to be used , it is approaching the same strength as the original part but for heavy use then there is a CNC option made by Pargu Store that may be better .

X2 £8

3 Top Wishbone
A close replica of the original part ,very strong in either in nylon or highly recommended in cf nylon as its stiffer .

X2 £15

3A Top Wishbone
This is redesigned for use with M3 screws instead of the standard mounting pins as they are very hard to find .

X2 £15

4 Bottom Wishbone
A close replica of the stock part ,very strong in either in nylon or highly recommended in cf nylon as its stiffer .
X2 £15
4A Bottom Wishbone
Again redesigned for use with M3 screws instead of the stock mounting pins as they are hard to find.

X2 £15

5 Front Bulkhead
A close copy of the original part , ABS can be used for light driving but nylon or cf nylon are highly recommended for heavier use.

5A Front Bulkhead
This is a reinforced version of the front bulkhead but has minimal visual impact when fitted .


6 Top Deck / Chain Guide
This is not an exact copy of the original as I've yet to find one but is functional and visually close to the original , ABS can be used for light running or nylon or cf nylon are both very strong .


7 Steering set
The steering set is not an exact copy and has no servo saver , the geometry is the same and it comprises of just four pieces , two towers and two bell cranks ,the towers can both be made from ABS but the bell cranks are stronger in nylon or cf nylon , I'm hoping in future to make all 4 pieces in nylon and dye them yellow , ABS can be made in yellow .
£10 for the set

8 Battery tray
This is an unstressed item and any material will be fine but my recommendation is yellow ABS , its a pretty close copy of an original part with just a few minor changes for the 3D printing process but these have a very low visual impact .


9 Rear Trailing Arm Mount
A slightly more robust design than stock but with low visual impact , correct in all dimensions for stock fitment , ABS can be used for light running but for heavy use I recommend cf nylon , plain nylon is too flexible .

£10 a pair

10 Rear Trailing Arm
A close copy of the original part , will need 2 washers (not supplied) to fit snug into the mounts . I only recommend cf nylon for these if the car is to be run other materials are only for cosmetic use .

£20 for two

As above but with an integrated spacer instead of the two washers needed to fit the mount , this spacer is on one side so you do loose 1 mm track each side but it makes very little handling difference .

£20 for two

10B Delta Style Trailing arms
These are in the style of but not a direct copy of the Delta Desert kit , they have an integrated 2 mm thick stiffener fitted that also has a shock mount in the design , these require no spacer washers but fit straight into the stock mount , they add 1 mm to the track as well , these are handed Left and Right so if a single replacement is needed please specify .
Shown as assembled on the complete set of Delta inspired parts.

£25 for two

10C Long Trailing Arm
These are longer by 5 mm than stock and thicker for grater rigidity and feature the Dadio logo on them ,an item aimed at upgrading the car slightly , recommended in cf nylon

£28 for two

11 Rear guard
This part has been adapted slightly for the 3d printing process but is a good representation of the original , recommended in nylon or CF nylon

11A Delta rear guard
This has been reinforced significantly and additionally features mounting holes for M3 ball studs to use with tie rods to brace the shock mounting bridge of the Delta kit , these could also be used to brace the stock roll hoop when mounting twin rear shocks , this was originally done with cable ties but the ball joint and tie rod is a neater option .

12 Gearbox
The gearbox is slightly modified for 3d printing , there is now a mono shock mounting set designed to fit on this gearbox but its not included in the price , it also has the diff moved slightly to the right , the stock gearbox has a raised section around the diff bearing on the left side , this is not easily made on a 3d printer so the diff has been moved over instead , to allow this move the spacer in the diff behind the right side bearing is replaced with a thinner spacer supplied in the gear box set .the gearbox is compatible with stock gears . Bearings are the same as stock bearings and not supplied . The gearbox comes as a six part set including screws and nuts , there are the two halves ,two side chassis mounts ,a diff spacer and the gear mesh viewing section . currently I'm only offering the gearbox in CF nylon for a running car , other materials shrink during printing and gear mesh is affected so until I have time to play with adapting the design its only CF nylon unless you just want a display piece .

12A gearbox mono shock mount
This is as near as I can get to a stock mono shock mounting wing as the gearbox should have , this version is for the shelf as its too flexible to use on a running car .


12B Strong mono shock mounting
This version if the gearbox mono shock mounting wing is designed to be used but is greatly modified in design from the original .

12C Mono shock bell crank and fulcrum
This set is of two bell cranks and fulcrum's for the mono shock mounting on the rear gearbox , can be used with either mounting type above and will accept either M2.5 or M3 hardware , these are more ridgid than the stock version .

13 Gear Set
The gears are slightly adapted for 3d printing and sold as a set of four , are compatible with stock gears and stock gearbox , they are not printed with axles but are used with steel axles listed separately , these are only recommended in CF nylon .

13 A Gear 1
This is the first gear in the gearbox and is run off the motor pinion , made in CF nylon

13B Gear 2
This is the second gear in the gearbox and shares an axle with the rear chain sprocket ,made in CF nylon .

13C Gear 3
This is the smaller idler gear that sits between gear 2 and the diff gear , comes with set screw for locking to axle ,made from CF nylon.

13D Diff Gear
This is the diff gear and is compatible with stock diff parts , challenging to print and the bottom inner surface quality is not perfect but the part is strong and functional , made in CF nylon.

13E Kyosho diff adapter
This is a ring gear that slips onto a complete Kyosho Scorpion 2014 re release diff , the genuine Yokomo diff parts are very hard to find and this allows the use of an easily found modern diff to be adapted to fit , it comes as a set consisting of the ring gear , 4 screws and two bearing adapters , this will fit into my gearbox but will not fit into the genuine Yokomo gearbox .
Pictures show the ring gear fitted to the diff and the bearing installation , diff and bearings are not included.


14 Gear Axle Set
This is a set of three steel axles for gears 1,2 and 3 and comes with the cross pin to lock gear 2 to the axle .

15 chain Guard
This is the chain guard that sits on the side of the gearbox covering the rear of the chain , this part is unstressed and can be made of any material but it looks nice matching the gearbox , if you have a stock gearbox then vapor smoothed ABS looks nice , sold separately the default will be ABS or sold with the gearbox it will be a matched material , other materials by request .


16 Wheels
A set of four wheels , close replica of the stock wheel sold with the early YZ-834B , recommended in yellow ABS but CF nylon is also good ,unfortunately plain nylon would be best but its very hard to remove the needed support material cleanly , I can offer a wheel disk that is sold separately that covers the area marred by support removal , again dying may be a future option but not yet . If you order these in ABS do not use acetone to remove old tyres ! It will melt the whole wheel !

Tires not included

16A Single Wheel
As above but just one wheel .

Tires not included

16B Wheel Disk
The wheels need a large amount of support and the outer face level with the mounting screws will have a poor finish so I offer these disks that are exactly the same pattern of holes and that will fit over the affected face of the wheel to make them look better , material would be the same as the wheels unless sold separately then material will be as required . Sold as a set of four .

Tires not included

17 Delta kit
The Delta Desert conversion set was a very popular mod back in the day , this is a set of parts in a similar vein , these parts are not the same as Delta parts and are unlikely to be compatible at all , they are an artists impression only . This set is compatible with only the stock chassis and stock rear suspension mounting points . The kit comprises of a pair of modified rear trailing arms that have an integrated stiffener and shock mounts , a mounting bridge that mounts both rear trailing arms and rear shocks ,four trailing arm axle spacers ,two M5 bolts with nylock nuts as trailing arm pivot axles and a modified rear guard , needed but not supplied are four 5x10x4 flanged bearings , recommended but not needed are two 75 mm long turnbuckles four M3 ball studs and four ball joints to make up bracing rods between the rear guard and the mounting bridge , this reduces flex dramatically . The kit is designed for shocks that are 95 mm between mounting hole centers .

18 Rear Square drive hubs
These printed square drive hubs are designed for use with unmodified Kyosho Scorpion 2014 rear wheel axles and sold as a pair .
Shown fitted

£6 pair

Parts Under Development
This project is ongoing and there are parts still under development , other parts are still mere ideas that have not so far been created .
Chain sprockets are still undergoing trials
Front lower arm later style arms are in plan
Spur gear slipper is an idea although I've already made one for another build
Top deck and chain tensioner of a more racey style
Chassis stretch components
Square drive hubs for Kyosho scorpion axles
Front knuckle for Kyosho axles
12mm hex derives for Kyosho axles
Different wheel designs
Belt drive
Now taking orders for the parts listed above , ordering through PM please to keep this more tidy .
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