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Old 11-01-2017
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Originally Posted by MattW View Post
To me the X10 never felt "right", not like the 5/98 cars. Hard to know if the changing of the tracks paid a part though. You could get it to work on odd days, but it was always difficult to drive.
Part of that problem was the X10 Ver 1 front shock rockers that gave a different suspension and steering feel to the car that a lot of people didnt like. Then they relased the Ver 2 X10 which gave a front shock action more like the old XK98/ETQ/P8.

But i think you are also right on the changing tracks also made a difference and the fact we all got used to newer design buggies. But on indoor carpet and smoother outdoor astro or grass that doesnt have many jumps they can still be hustled around as quick as anything out there.
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Old 11-01-2017
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Agreed entirely, which funnily enough was why I obtained some old carbon GP rockers........
Matthew White
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Old 25-01-2017
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@Dyna :
What are the différences between the 95' wing and previous ?

Do you know informations about the black coated shocks ?


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Old 29-01-2017
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I found a new body that I have never seen before
It is different than the 95 body that I known.
Could you tell me on what model this body was used ? 96 ?

This is the 95 (and 96 for me) :

and the 93/94

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